Crusty White Dogs Exposed: The Mystery of White Crusty Dog

We all must be aware of the "White Crusty Dogs" trend currently popular online. People are connecting this phrase with something and pointing to the assumption that dogs with crusty eyes or noses are ugly.

But most of you don't know the mystery behind this meme. Well, we will be explaining this meme in this article. We will explain the reason for these marks on the dog's nose and eyes.

And for the dog's owner, we have mentioned some treatment measures they can use to cue these crusty marks on their dogs. Read the blog entirely to get maximum knowledge.

What are Crusty White Dogs?

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White Crusty Dog

The crust is referred to the marks mostly light-colored dogs have around their noses and eyes. These marks are because of the tears or mucus that leaves stains. And as the dog is light-colored, the marks appear very prominently.

These marks are usually removable with just a wet cloth. You don't need to worry about your dog's health. It is not a dangerous condition. However, White Crust Dogs require a little more hygiene than other dogs.

There might also be some allergic reaction by which there is crust around your dog's nose. If the reason is allergy, you must use some medications for your dog. You can ask your vet about the proper treatment for your dog.

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Why is Crusty White Dogs a Meme?

On the internet, people make fun of everything. This is a trend now to make jokes about everything and judge everyone on their appearance. And this trend doesn't leave animals as well.

The Crusty Dogs has become a meme; people use it to refer to an ugly dog. Most people on the internet don't know that this is a health condition. Crusty dogs are called the ugly breed of dogs by internet trollers.

The Crusty White Dog Meme must be stopped. We understand that these dogs have a condition. And if we joke about that, it can be hurtful o the dog owner.

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Which Breeds Usually Have Crusty Eyes?

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Crusty White Dogs

This condition of crusty eyes and nose is normal for dogs. Almost all breeds can have this condition. But it is more apparent in the light color dog's breed. Their hairs are light-colored, which makes the marks more visible.

White Crusty Dogs can be of any breed. This disease is not breed-specific. But we have mentioned some of the breeds which usually have crusty noses are listed below:

·   White Poodle

·   White Pomeranian

·   Maltese

·   Shih Tzu

·   Pugs

What Care Does a Crusty White Dog Require?

Most of the dog's owners are unaware of this crust eye condition. They think it is just some marks that appear on dogs over time. This doesn't seem right. Some simple hygienic measures can treat these crusty marks.

We have discussed some treatments and measures you can follow to treat these marks on your dog's face. You can also ask your vet for further help.

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Damping with Cloth

The first and most straightforward process to treat these marks is cleaning them. You can use a wet towel or cloth and rub it on your dog's eyes and nose, or anywhere there is a crust. Ensure you are not using chemicals that can cause irritation or infection.

For damping, you can use some soft cloth so it doesn't leave further marks on the skin or damage the hairs in the area. If you do this occasionally. It is highly possible that your dog will not have any crusty marks.

Warm Water

Sometimes the marks are profound. It is because you hadn't cleaned the spots when they were made, and they have dried up and are difficult to remove. You can use warm water and soak your White Crusty Dog's face.

You have to be careful with this treatment. The water shouldn't be too hot. And your dog must not be uncomfortable with the water. By soaking the crusty parts, they will get soft and can be removed with much ease.

Tear Stain Remover

There is also a stain remover available for treating these crust marks. You can find it in any pet store or from your vet. We suggest you get it from your vet, who can recommend the best one for your dog.

Apply this stain remover on your marks, and the stains will be easy to remove. Be careful with applying it near the eyes and Dog Nose White Crust area. Only use the quantity as suggested by the vet.

Anti-Allergic Drugs

As mentioned earlier, these crust stains could be because of some allergic reaction. These wet cloth or stain removers will not work in such a situation. You have to give your dog some anti-allergic medications.

It would be best if you got your dog checked by a vet. He will diagnose your dog's allergies and what medicine could benefit him. The marks will probably be removed after your dog takes a specific drug dosage.

Regular Vet Checkups

The Crusty White Dogs require more care than a healthy dog. And the best way to give them intensive care is by visiting a vet regularly. It would help if you got your dog checked by a professional so he can diagnose the actual reason for these marks.

Also, a vet can guide you better about what can help your dog the most. It would help if you listened to the vet and his suggestions for your dog's health. Hopefully, following the vet's advice will make your dog better soon.

Why is Internet Trolling White Crusty Dog?

People on the internet are mostly teenagers who haven't gotten into serious matters of life. They think f everything as a joke. And with eth new mem culture, making fun of everything is cool and a way to be famous.

These people look for new things to troll every time. And their current focus is on Crusty Dogs, which they call ugly. But we hope this article and information will educate them, and they will understand why these dogs appear.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crusty White Dog Breed?

Mostly the dogs with light hair colors have crusty eyes and noses. This crust problem is mostly in dog breeds like Shih Tzu, Maltese, White Poodle, and White Pomeranian.

How to Remove Crust from Dog's Eyes?

The White Crust on Dog Nose and Eyes is treatable. These crusts are the stain of tears and mucus and can be removed by using some wet cloth. You need to clean the stain with something.

Why is My Dog So Rusty?

Some of the light color breeds of dogs have crust problems. These crust marks on your dogs are stains of tears and mucus. It can also be because of some allergic reaction. You can confirm the reason by asking your vet.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, the internet is all about making fun of others. They do it to people, emotions, and animals as well. The White Crusty Dog is the latest meme people on the internet are using. But before making fun of others, you must know what they are going through. Crusty Dogs are not ugly but have a medical condition.

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