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We all know the most famous animated sitcom series, Family Guy. This show was started in 1999 and has introduced us to some fantastic characters. One of these characters was Brain Griffin, The Talking dog. But have you ever thought, What Kind of Dog is Brian Griffin?

In this blog, we will discuss the breed of Brian Griffin. Even though he is a fictional character, the show's fans are still interested in this question. So keep reading the article to understand eth breed of Brian Griffin. We also discussed the similarities Brian Griffin has with its actual dog breed.

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Who is Brain Griffin?

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What Kind of Dog is Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is the white dog in the animated show family guy. He was part of the Griffin family from the show's first episode. He has been displayed as a fun and friendly character in the show. This character has a huge fan following, and people love watching him in the show.

Fans are so interested in the character that they usually ask What Kind of Dog is Brian Griffin? Some say he is a white Labrador, while others say he has albinism. But in the end, everyone has his own imagination. This is a fictional character and can be imagined as you want.

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History of Brian Griffin's Character

In the show family guy, the baby Stevie and the dog Brian were enabled to talk. Brain the talking dog was voiced by the show's producer, Seth Macfarlane. Brian is displayed as a brilliant dog that is also a writer and socially active. He is also portrayed as a playboy in the show.

Brian's background story in the show is that he lives a miserable life in Quahog, Rhode Island, until Peter Griffins takes him to his house. From then, he lived with the Griffins family and went to university but didn't graduate. He has been in all 20 seasons of Family Guy till now.

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What Kind of Dog is Brian Griffin?

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Brian Griffin Is What Kind Of Dog

The bread of Brian Griffin was cleared out for the fans of Family Guy in the first episode of the eighth season. Brian was said to be a White Labrador Retriever. Many show fans have already suggested this breed for Brian because of his appearance and the characteristics displayed in the show.

This breed was selected for Brain because, for the last 31 years, White Labrador has been the most popular dog breed in the US. And the producers wanted to play a dog everyone loves and can relate to. In the show, Brian also acts precisely as a white Labrador. He is fun, social, and intelligent.

How Does Brian Griffin So Smart?

Brian Griffin, the dog from the television show "Family Guy," is displayed as highly intelligent. His intellect can be because of various factors. We have discussed the following:

·   Brian is educated and has extensive knowledge of literature and history.

·   He often engages in intellectual discussions and quotes famous thinkers.

·   He is also a writer, as displayed in the show.

·   Brian went to brown university because of his intellect.

·   Brian is a white Labrador breed, and this dog breed is brilliant. So, to showcase this, he is portrayed as an intelligent dog.

·   Brian's intelligence is showcased through his ability to speak and communicate like a human.

What Similar Characters Brian Griffin and White Labradors Have in Common?

Initially, people asked, What Kind of Dog is Brian Griffin from Family Guy? But they started asking for a reason when it was revealed that Brian was a white Labrador. They were interested in what similarities Brian has with its actual dog breed.

We have discussed the three prominent attributed Brain Griffin and an actual white Labrador shares below:


Both Brian Griffin and real white Labrador Retrievers are surprisingly intelligent. While Brian's intelligence is portrayed through his ability to speak in the show, white Labradors showcase their intelligence through their trainability, problem-solving skills, and adaptability.

Brian itself is selected to be a white Labrador because producers wanted to use an intelligent breed.

Lovable and Social

As the producers answered, What Kind of Dog is Brian Griffin? Viewers understand why Brian is so much lovable and social in the sow. An actual white Labrador is very social, always interested, and lovely everywhere.

If you ever see a white Labrador, you will immediately think of Brian because they are the same characters. They are both very active in social gatherings.


Both Brian Griffin and an authentic white Labrador share the characteristic of being playful. Brian is often portrayed as a cartoon dog engaging in comedic and mischievous activities, showcasing his playful nature.

Similarly, white Labradors are known for their friendly and energetic nature. They always love playing with their owners and with strangers as well.

Does Brian Griffin Die?

Viewers who are just started watching Family ask about the death of Brian along with the question What Kind of Dog Breed is Brian Griffin? So Yes, in the TV show "Family Guy," Brian Griffin dies in the Season 12 episode "Life of Brian" after being hit by a car.

However, in the following episode titled "Christmas Guy," Stewie uses a time machine to alter the timeline and prevent Brian's death. The decision to bring back Brian from the end was made because of high demand from eth viewers. They were devasted by such a wrong turn in the show, so producers undo the death of Brian.

Who Played the Character of Brian Griffin?

Viewers are always interested in Brian. Along with What Kind of Dog is Brian Griffin? They also ask who voiced this fantastic and fun character. Seth MacFarlane voices the character of Brian Griffin.

MacFarlane is the creator of "Family Guy" and provides voices for other main characters, including Peter Griffin and Stewie Griffin. MacFarlane has played a significant role in shaping the show's comedic style. His portrayal of Brian Griffin has become one of the most recognizable and beloved voices in animated television.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of a Dog is Brian Griffin?

Viewers were very interested in the breed of Brian Griffin. They occasionally asked Brian Griffin is What Kind of Dog? And in the eighth season, it was revealed that Brian is a white Labrador retriever. He is portrayed as the most famous US dog breed.

How is Brian Griffins So Smart?

Brian Griffin is portrayed as a genius dog in the show family guy. There are multiple reasons for that. One is that he is displayed as a white retriever, an intelligent dog breed.

Why Brian Griffin is White Labrador?

Some fans were unhappy when Brian was revealed as a white retriever. They wanted it to be albino. But, of course, Brian doesn't have red eyes. And the producers have shown that this character was created according to the white retriever dog breed.


This article answers the most asked question: What Kind of Dog is Brian Griffin? And the answer is White Labrador Retriever. But Brian is an entertaining and fictional character. So if you are happy with it being some other breed, you can also imagine that.

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