Short Spine Syndrome Dog: Causes, Symptoms, & Management

For a dog owner, his health is the most important thing. We select the best food and treats to protect our dogs from diseases. But some diseases cannot be controlled. Conditions like Short Spine Syndrome are genetic and will affect our dog's health.

If your dog has a Short Spine, this article will significantly help you. We have discussed how you can help your Short Spine Syndrome Dog. The information we have provided has helped a lot of dog owners and will help you as well.

What is Short Spine Syndrome?

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Short Spine Syndrome Dog

Short Spine Syndrome refers to a condition in which dogs are born with sort spines. Dogs might have this disorder because of inbreeding or genetic alteration. The reason is not 100 sure yet.

This condition is scarce and can affect your dog's daily activities. However, Dog Short Spine Syndrome doesn't have any pain. This condition cannot be treated completely, but surgery can help your dog.

Short Spine dogs require a lot of care and attention. Their life expectancy is not affected by this condition. But living on their own is very difficult for these dogs.

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Signs of Short Spine Syndrome

Although the signs and symptoms of Short Spine Syndrome are obvious, owners still need clarification. This condition starts showing up as the dog is born. First, identifying can be challenging, but the signs become more evident as the dogs grow.

Some signs directed toward Short Spine Syndrome are mentioned below:

·    Hunchback appearance

·    Short Tail

·    Unable to turn the head.

·    Oval shaped Chest

·    Fewer ribs than normal dogs

·    No appealable neck

·    More short body than its breed dogs

What Causes Short Spine Syndrome in Dogs?

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Dog Short Spine Syndrome

The exact cause of Short Spine Syndrome hasn't been found yet. The most likely guess we have is that this is a genetic mutation. At first, people believe it is because of inbreeding, but now we have more proof that this is a genetic problem.

Due to some genetic alteration, the spinal bone of the dog didn't develop ultimately. The bones remain soft cartilage and don't develop into complete functioning bones, which causes dogs to remain shorter even when they are older.

Short Spine Syndrome Dogs have adjacent vertebrae and don't get the whole stretch of the spine even when old. This gives them a unique appearance. The neck is not visible, and the body remains shorter.

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Common Short Spine Dogs Breed

Short Spine Syndrome is not a common disease. It is scarce. There are only 30 recorded dogs that have this condition. However, we can still identify which dog most likely has Short Spine Syndrome.

This information is not 100% true. But according to our data, 5 main breeds have this condition. And they have accounts on social media as well.

·    Coopie La Poop: A Hound Breed Dog

·    Danko: A Golden Retriever

·    Ivy: A Pit Bull

·    Momo: Houston Dog

·    Squishy: A Utah-Based Pup

Diagnosing Short Spine Syndrome

Short spine syndrome can usually be diagnosed by the dog's appearance. But spinal radiographs or X-rays are suggested for further details about the abnormalities. Any other medical tests are not needed to diagnose this syndrome.

The short-spine dog starter shows the symptoms of this disease at a very initial age. A puppy has a body shape that represents short spine syndrome.

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Maintaining a Short Spine Syndrome Dog

There is no 100% curable treatment for this disease yet. However, some maintenance measures can help your dog with this syndrome. Also, these tips are important if you have a Short Spine Dog because he will need these essentials to survive.

The three most important maintenance tips for Short Spine dogs are discussed below.

Raised Feeding Bowls

It is difficult for the Short Spine Syndrome Dogs to lower their heads, so they cannot eat from regular bowls. They are on the floor, and Short Spine dogs cannot reach them. That's why you should use raised feeding bowls for your dog.

You can find different types of higher bowls in the market or online. See how your dog is comfortable, and then order the bowl with that height. The dog must be eating comfortably so there is no risk of choking.

Help Your Dog Exercise

Exercising will help your short spine dog a lot. But as the dog cannot do the required exercises independently, you have to help him do it. You can ask your vet about the relevant activities for your short-spine dog.

Having a short-spine dog can be difficult. But if you have decided to adopt them, you must do the necessary activities. And exercising them is one of them.

Physical Nursing

The short spine dogs are in no condition to care for themselves. Hence the owner must keep every little thing about these dogs in check. These dogs require regular cleaning, so there is no risk of infections in their body.

Another crucial thing is to prevent pressure points. And that can happen if your dog is doing enough activities.

Interactive Pet Camera

The Dog with Short Spine Syndrome needs more care and attention than normal dogs. However, you can only be near them sometimes. So for that, you can install interactive pet cameras in your home.

These cameras record and allow you to speak through the speaker built into them. You can see what your dog is doing; if he is in trouble, you can act accordingly. You can also stop your dog from doing anything problematic by speaking to them from the cameras.

Treatments for Short Spine Syndrome Dog

A complete treatment for short spine syndrome has yet to be found. There are some minor maintenance procedures, as we have mentioned earlier, that can help your dog with his daily life activities.

Dog Short Spine Syndrome is related to genes. So to completely treat this condition, we all must do some gene therapy and engineering. This is not possible right now. We could develop techniques to cure genetic diseases in humans and dogs in the future.

Still, there are a few surgeries that can treat some of the complications short spine syndrome causes. We can treat some of the neck and spine problems. But having a 100% cure has yet to be possible.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Short Spine Dogs Feel Pain?

Dogs that have Short Spine Syndrome don't feel any pain usually. They need help to do most of their activities. But they don't feel any spinal pain because of this syndrome.

How Long Does Short Spine Dog Lives?

Short Spine Syndrome doesn't affect the life expectancy of dogs. It is difficult to live with this syndrome because of difficulty in activities. But they still live on as long as an average dog. The longest time Short Spine dog survives is 14 years.

How Common is Dog Short Spine Syndrome?

This condition is sporadic. Even according to some studies, only 30 recorded Dogs with Short Spine Syndrome exist. This condition is said to be genetic, and Short Spine dogs usually don't have any offspring.


Genetical diseases are not predicted in dogs or humans. So if your dog has been born with Short Spine Syndrome, you should not worry much about him. With some extra care, Short Spine Syndrome Dog can live happily. The information in this article will help you if your dog also has this syndrome.

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