Nudges Dog Treats | Best Blue Nudges Dog Treats [Review]

All dog owners always struggle to find the best food for their pets. They want to give their dogs something healthy and delicious that their dogs would like. We all are very concerned about our dog's health and don't want to feed them something that can harm them.

After very long research, we found you the best product to feed your dogs. Blue Nudges Dog Treats is the best Treat you can give your dogs. We will discuss more about this fantastic product further in the article.

Introduction to Nudges Treats

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Nudges Dog Treats

The nudges treats are a product of the brand Blue Buffalo. The founders of this brand were dog owners as well. It all started when their dog was diagnosed with cancer, and they couldn't find any natural food products. So they invented their own natural dog food and treats, now sold as Nudges Dog Treats.

Blue Buffalo sells dog products and cat food, and treats as well. All the food items on this brand are highly nutritional. They are made of natural ingredients, and no processed item is used.

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Health Benefits of Nudges Treats

The Nudges treats are the most liked and positively reviewed dog products because of their fantastic health benefits. We have listed some of the health benefits Nudges Treats have for you.

·   These treats are healthy and safe for your dog.

·   They offer multi nutrients your dog might not get from any other food.

·   Nudges Dog Treats are high in protein.

·   Dogs love Nudges treats which makes it easier for you to feed them.

·   These treats are low in sugar and hence don't cause obesity in your dogs.

·   All the ingredients are natural; that case no infection.

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Blue Nudges Dog Treats

Different Treat Flavors

One of the best advantages of using Nudges treats is its variety of flavors. They are specifically made with different ingredients. Your dog can try different tastes from this variety and select the one your dog like the most.

We have shared the three top flavors from the collection of Nudges Treats below.

Jerky Cuts with Duck

This flavor of nudges treats is widely liked by dogs. Nudges Natural Dog Treats Jerky Cuts Made with Real Duck are easily chewable and packed with protein. No artificial ingredients are used in this flavor.

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The key ingredients of this flavor of Nudges are listed below.

·   Duck

·   Rice

·   Vegetable Glycerin

·   Paprika


Each Treat of Nudges with Duck is composed of

·   20% protein,

·   12% fat,

·   1% fiber

·   29% moisture

Feeding Guidelines

·   For Small Dogs: ½ Treat

·   For Medium Dogs: 1-2 Treats

·   For Big Dogs: 3-4 Treats

Grillers with Stake

These Nudges Natural Dog Treats Grillers Are Made with Real Steak. High-quality beef is used in the making of this grilled steak flavor. Dogs absolutely love this treat and enjoy the smoky steak flavor.


The ingredients of this flavor are listed below:

·   Beef

·   Chicken

·   Rice

·   Sugar

·   Vinegar


The significant nutrients percentage of Steak Nudge treats are:

·   13% Protein

·   13% Fats

·   3% Fiber

·   27% Moisture

Feeding Guidelines

·   For Small Dogs: ½-1 Treat

·   For Medium Dogs: 2-4 Treats

·   For Big Dogs: 5-6 Treats

Jerky Cuts with Chicken

Dogs always love any treat which is made of chicken. And the Nudges Natural Dog Treats Jerky Cuts Made with Real Chicken. This flavor is strong in protein and is very healthy for the dog's health and immunity.


The primary ingredients of jerky cuts with chicken are listed below:

·   Chicken

·   Rice

·   Vegetable Glycerin

·   Natural Smoke Flavor

·   Paprika


The nutrients percentage in this flavor of Nudge Treats is listed below:

·   30% Protein

·   9% Fat

·   1% Fiber

·   28% Moisture

Feeding Guidelines

·   For Small Dogs: ½-1 Treat

·   For Medium Dogs: 1-4 Treats

·   For Big Dogs: 5-6 Treats

The Key Features of Nudges Dog Treats

The Key Feature that makes Blue Nudges Dog Treats such a great customer option is listed below. These key features will answer all our questions about this brand. And will convince you to try these treats for your dogs.

Healthy Treats

Dogs can quickly get ill if their diet is not healthy. Even a little unhealthy and harmful ingredient can cause many infections and diseases in your dog. Hence you should choose food products that are natural and healthy, like Nudges Dog Treats.

These nudge treats are a great source of multi-nutrients for your dog. And dogs like these treat a lot. With so many options of flavors, you can select the one your pet likes the most.

Quality Ingredients

Most of the time, the treats we use for our dogs are made of poor-quality ingredients. This causes different abdominal problems in our dogs. However, the Nudges treats are all made of high-quality ingredients.

The company selects 100% natural and high in quality ingredients and doesn't use any damaged items in their treats. This is why your dog will not have any infection or side effects by taking nudges treats.

100% Safe

All the Nudge products have very high positive review counts. And one thing common in all these reviews is customers appreciate the safety nudges products have.

All the nudges flavors are made of organic material. There has been no Nudges Dog Treats Recall ever. There are no chemicals or processed items in the ingredients. Hence there is nothing your dog might get the disease from.

Customer's Favorite

Customer reviews are the best way to identify a product's compatibility and quality. And if you see the customer's reviews on Nudges Natural Dog Treats, you will be amazed by so many positive reviews from the customers.

Almost 90% of customers of the Nudge brand are delighted with its quality. Their dogs love it, the prices are low, and all the ingredients are organic. By reading so many positive views of customers, Nudges is the best dog treat brand in the market.

Age Specific

Another great feature of Nudges Treats is that they have different products for different age groups of dogs. The brand has three categories listed below:

·   Puppies: 2 to 12 months

·   Adult: 12 months to 7 Years

·   Senior: Above 7 Years

Nudges have different products for each age class designed specifically for your dog. The composition and ingredients quantity is designed perfectly for your dog's age. So there will be no problem in digestion, and the required nutritional desire will be completed as well.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nudge Treats Healthy For My Dog?

All the nudged treats flavors are made of organic components. No chemicals are used to make these treats, making this product healthy for your dogs. It rarely has any health problems for your dog.

Does Blue Buffalo Make Nudges?

Yes, Nudges Treats are a product of the Blue Buffalo brand. Blue Buffalo is famous for making healthy food products for pet animals. They have recently launched their treat line, and customers love them.

What Are the Flavors of Nudges Treats?

There are multiple flavor options for your dog on Nudges Treats. The top flavors are On the Go with beef and chicken, blur BeneBars with Apple, Coconut, and Berries, and Blue Health Bars with yogurt, Cheese, and Eggs.

Bottom Line

Finding the right food product for dogs is significant for dog owners. We all want treats and food items that are healthy for our pets and also ones that our dogs love. Blue Nudges Dog Treats is an excellent option for us to meet all our desires. We highly recommend you use this brand.

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