Can Dogs Eat Mandarins | Can My Dog Eat Mandarin Oranges?

As dog lovers, we all want our pets to be healthy. We try to feed them everything we think is beneficial for them. You might have heard the expression that says, "Read Before You Eat." This goes for your dogs as well.

If you have ever fed your dog Mandarins or any other citrus fruit, you must ask yourself Can Dogs Eat Mandarins? This is a fruit humans love to eat, but do dogs also like Mandarins? And does it have benefits or side effects?

Well, we have answers to all these questions in this article. You can find everything worth knowing about this fruit. And what effects it has on the dog's health.

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Can Dogs Eat Mandarins

What is a Mandarin?

Mandarins is a citrus fruit that belongs to the orange family. This fruit looks like an orange but is easier to peel because of its thin skin. This is a seasonal fruit and, like oranges, is not available for the whole year.

This fruit has tons of beneficial nutrients for humans. With a great proportion of vitamins, it works as an antioxidant. For most animals as well, this fruit is highly healthy. With its antioxidant nature, it improves the immunity of both humans and other animals as well.

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Can Dogs Eat Mandarins?

The ultimate question is Can Dogs Have Mandarins? The right away answer would be yes. Dogs can eat mandarin fruit. It is enriched in nutrients and minerals that have many dog health benefits. Usually, dogs also like the taste of mandarins and can eat a lot if allowed to.

If your dog is not eating mandarin oranges, this can be because he doesn't like the taste. Or there are some seeds left in the fruit. Other than that, it rarely has any side effects if the dog is healthy and has no health issues.

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Risks of Giving Mandarins to Dogs

can dogs eat oranges or mandarins ,can my dog eat mandarin oranges
Can Dogs Eat Oranges or Mandarins

The diet process is different for a healthy dog and for an ill dog. Just like humans, dogs must avoid eating certain food items if they suffer from some disease. Mandarins are also fruits that are not allowed for some dogs. Especially dogs that have diabetic problems.

Some of the potential health Mandarins have for ill dogs are listed below:

·    Mandarins have excessive sugar in them, which is dangerous for diabetic dogs.

·    Mandarins can also cause obesity in dogs.

·    Eating Mandarins every day can cause tooth decay.

·    If mandarin is not peeled correctly, it can cause digestive problems in your dog.

·    Mandarins have oils that can be toxic to some dogs if taken excessively.

Health Benefits of Mandarins for Dogs

Mandarins are a great fruit with loads of benefits. So if you are asking, Can Dogs Eat Mandarins we have given you an answer to this question already. Now we will share some health benefits this fruit can have; if your dog can eat mandarins.

The basic beneficial properties of mandarins are discussed below:

Vitamin A

Mandarins are enriched with vitamin A. This is very important for your dog's health. This helps improve the eyesight of your dog. Also, vitamin A is essential for your dog's skin health. Mandarins are an excellent source for getting the required amount of Vitamin A throughout the day.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps fight against allergies in the dog. These Mandarins have a high percentage of Vitamin C which treats the infection in dogs. Vitamin C increases the health of dogs' joints and life expectancy.


Mandarins are a fruit full of minerals. It has zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, and other essential minerals. All these minerals improve the overall health of your dog. Your dog will be more active if it gets enough of these minerals. And Mandarins offer all of them in a single fruit.

Improves Immunity

Mandarins have the chemical composition and antioxidants that improve your dog's immunity; hence he gets natural immunity to all the toxic agents in his body. He will not need any medication to get a cure for a minor infection. Mandarins are famous for increasing the white blood cells in dogs as well.

Anti-Cancer Agents

Thyroid and lung cancer is a common problem in dogs. This is because the germs digest from their environment. Mandarins can help your dog with fighting these cancer agents on its own. There are flavonoids in Mandarins that act as anti-cancer agents to remove and kill any cancer germs in the dog's body.

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Can Dogs Eat Mandarins Peals?

There are some oils in the peel of Mandarins fruit which are indigestible. Even in humans, peel cause a digestive problem. The same goes for the dogs as well. So you must remove the peel from the fruit before feeding it to the dogs.

You can ask your vet Can Dogs Eat Mandarin Oranges with peels? And he can guide you more about the side effects of this on your dog.

Can Dogs Have Mandarins Juice?

Mandarin juice consists of a massive amount of sugar. So as for the obese or diabetic dogs, you cannot give them this juice. As for the healthy dogs, they can have the Mandarins juice once a month.

You cannot feed this juice as a treat or as its daily drink. You should stick to the water and offer some Mandarins fruits occasionally.

Right Way to Feed Mandarins to Dogs

As we get the answer to the question, Can Dogs Eat Mandarins? Now what would be the right way to feed this fruit to the dogs? Mandarins should be fed to the dogs as a treat. We all must follow the 90%-10% technique, where 90% of a dog's daily food consumption is its diet. And the rest 10% can be a treat.

You have to remove the peel and seeds of the Mandarins completely. They have a sour taste, and dogs don't like eating. Offer a small portion of Mandarins oranges first and see if your dog likes it.

If your dog is not liking the taste of Mandarins and struggle to eat it, don't feed this fruit to your dog. Instead, go for some non-citric fruit like banana or apple. The priority should be the happiness and ease of your pet.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Mandarins Can My Dog Eat?

All the vets and animal specialists say your dog can eat one Mandarin daily. Some dogs like the taste, and some might doesn't like it. So if a dog starts vomiting the mandarin, there is nothing to worry about.

Can My Dog Eat Mandarin Oranges?

As to the studies and opinions of vets, dogs can eat mandarin oranges and all the other citrus fruits. These fruits are enriched in vitamins and highly benefit dogs' health. If your dog has some diabetic problem, then don't give these Mandarins to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges or Mandarins Seeds?

The seeds of oranges and Mandarins have cyanide in them. This gives a sour taste, and dogs mostly don't like eating these seeds. Other than this, these seeds can upset a dog's stomach. So remove all the seeds before giving Mandarins to your dog.


We always consider the benefits and risks of the food we are consuming. The exact detail should be considered before we feed our dog. This article concluded that Mandarins for Dogs can be beneficial if your dog is healthy. If it has some health problems, consider them before feeding Mandarins to your dog.


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