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Grits are one of the traditional cuisines which form a various variety. Today most people have the grits on the breakfast, but what if your dog has some grits from your bite? Can dogs eat grits? Are grits bad for dogs? Many dog owners are afraid of the situation, and it is a good sign that they care about their canine diet.

Before knowing the grits for dogs are good or not, let's look a little about grits. Where grits came from? In the 16th century, the Native American tribe was known as "Muskogee," The dish was born as poverty.

But right now, the grits are the fine-dine menu. The grits are almost similar to the Indian corn variant, and it is declared as an official prepared food in 2002 by Georgia's one of the states.

Can Dogs Eat Grits?

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Can Dogs Eat Grits

Grits are the most common dishes you will find in the southern United States. The grits have many varieties of recipes according to province. Some popular grits are Hominy Grits, Yellow Speckled Grits, and Cheese Grits. But do you ever thought can my dog eat grits? or can dogs have grits?

There is no straight answer to inform you that grits are safe for dogs because of how you offer the treat. It will exhibit according to its presentation for dogs. Moreover, dogs can consume any food that is actually for us humans. But you should always care that what they are eating is really safe for them or not.

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Are Grits Good for Dogs?

One main query every new dog owner always thinks of is grits safe for dogs? or what are grits good for dogs? The parallel answer is skeptical because you can utilize grits as a byproduct ingredient in your dog's food, making the diet some tasty flavor to enjoy.

But there are no such essential minerals available in grits that will be good for dogs. Occasionally you can offer the grits to dogs for their unique gritty texture flavor.

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Are Grits Bad for Dogs?

As you know, the grits are almost similar to Indian corn, and they may not be safe for dogs. If you are thinking that are grits bad for dogs? Then you are almost right because some dogs have allergic to corn, and it's indirectly linked to grits. If your dog's suffering from any allergic disease, then we recommend not offer grits for dogs.

Basically, many dogs do not know or be rational about dog diet plans, and they uncertainly feed grits to dogs. If anything happens around you, keep an eye on the pup and offer a particular amount of water. If any unexpected symptoms occur, rush to a veterinarian for better treatment.

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Health Benefits of Grits for Dogs

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Health Benefits of Grits for Dogs

Are there any health benefits of eating grits for dogs? or are grits good for dogs? As you already know the grits do not have significant elements that are beneficial for dogs. But grits have empty calories and are high in carbohydrates which can be ok for dogs if you serve once.

However, grits do not contain any protein like other grains, so offering the ingredient as a treat will be best for occasionally just for gritty flavor texture.

Side Effects of Grits for Dogs

Grits have empty calories, but it's not mean that it is safe dogs. If you share grits with seasonings like Butter, Salt, Pepper, Cheese, and Syrup, then it can be fatal for a dog's health. Only plain grits are non-toxic for canine but adding some additives become a hazard for a pup. Below are some must-know side effects if grits are not suited for a canine.

1. Excessive amounts of grits can lead to bloating and gassiness.

2. Additive grits can lead your dog to fatal health issues like kidney failure, heart disease, etc.

3. Some breeds of dogs can't digest grits properly, which can adversely react.

4. Grit tasty flavor can make the dog lethargic and a habit of eating fast food instead of dog food.

5. Grits are a toxic treat for dogs (who are suffering from corn allergy).

Alternative to Grits for Dogs

1. Unsalted Peanut Butter

2. Cottage Cheese

3. Oatmeal

4. Quinoa

5. Yogurt

What Kinds of Grits Can Dogs Eat?

If you are thinking dogs cannot eat any kinds of grits, then you are wrong. There are some varieties of grits available that you can share with your four-legged friend.

Can Dogs Eat Corn Grits?

Corn grits are a non-toxic treat to many canines, but in some cases, they can be dangerous for those suffering from allergies to corn products. Before offering the corn grits for dogs, consult with a veterinarian or nutritionist.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Grits?

Sharing cooked grits is safe for dogs, but keep in mind that you should avoid seasonings like salt, cheese, butter, and other additives. It can lead to severe diseases like obesity and vomiting etc.

Can Dogs Eat Grits and Eggs?

Grits and eggs will be a great combination for dogs. Which can give pooch some nutritional value but again, before serving, get the idea about how to cook grits and eggs for dogs. We recommend you not utilize ingredients that are not safe for dogs, like onion and garlic, etc.

Can Puppies Eat Grits?

If you are just bought a new puppy and wondering if dogs can have grits. Then can puppies eat grits safely? You can share a very small portion of plain grits with the pup. But still, avoid because there is no sense to offer grits with puppies because it does not contain any health benefits. Instead, you can share the alternative to grits which be good for a pup.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Dogs Eat Grits?

A. Yes, dogs can have plain grits or cooked grits, but it's not recommended to offer for puppies.

2. Are Grits Bad for dogs?

A. Literally, grits are not bad for dogs unless you add some additives in the treat.

3. Are Grits Easy to Digest for Dogs?

A. According to research, it's proven that some breeds of dogs can digest the grits easily, but few dog breeds cannot able to digest.


Many new dog owners often ask the veterinarian that dogs and grits are a great combination or not? The answer to the question is it depends on serving the idea of grits for dogs, as we mentioned above. Before serving any new treat with a canine, consult with a nutritionist once.

Note: - All the information about Grits and dogs available is not said, a veterinarian. It is our experience and thoughts. So before taking any step, consult with your trusted vet.


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