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Who doesn't love to eat delicious sauces? Everyone on the earth like any kinds of sauces either by human beings or animals. In the United States, the peoples consume large amounts and varieties of sauces with the fast food, wasabi is one of them with their tasty spiciness. But Can dogs eat wasabi? Is wasabi bad for dogs? Before that, you should know some interesting information about wasabi and dogs.

Wasabia Japonica is the scientific name of wasabi and the family of Brassicaceae. The wasabi plant is a native of japan which naturally cultivated in the mountain because it needs cold weather and pleasant stream monsoon. Along with the japan wasabi also can grow in China, New Zealand, Canada, and some parts of America.

Wasabi is now one of the popular sauces in the USA used in fast food products. It is also using for medicinal purposes as an herb. Wasabi is an essential part of Japanese culinary culture but what about dogs? Can dogs have wasabi safely? 

Can Dogs Eat Wasabi?

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Can Dogs Eat Wasabi

The wasabi is extremely popular in Japan with the sushi and cultivates in the mountain areas. But now a day's wasabi is also gaining fame in the United States because of its spicy taste and most of the users in sauces for fast foods. But can dogs eat wasabi without any brutal health issues?

Many dog owners love to share their parts of bite to the pooch but do you ever think the tasty treat that you are offering with your canine is good or bad for dogs? As we discussing dogs and wasabi. It is not toxic for dogs but can put the dog in irritation and gastrointestinal upset.

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Is Wasabi Bad For Dogs?

Wasabi is one of the hot and spicy food which can burn out the anyone's mouth. The researcher has shown that wasabi has many health benefits for human beings like Anti-Cancer, Anti-Bacterial, and Anti-Inflammatory elements along with this it also helps to fight Asthma Neurodegenerative diseases.

Wasabi has minerals like Vitamin C, Potassium, and Calcium. All these are good for human beings and it's not yet proved that the same is beneficial for dogs. If you have certain questions like" is wasabi bad for dogs? and my dog ate wasabi?" then go through the full article.

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What Kinds of Wasabi Can Dogs Eat?

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What Kinds of Wasabi Can Dogs Eat?

Every food or treat has many varieties and can make different kinds of diet. Dogs and wasabi are like "Cake and Chilly". Which is not always mix you can understand with an example only that can dos eat wasabi of any varieties?

If you still have doubts about wasabi for dogs, then have a look at the below details which we explained certain verities of wasabi and dogs. But keep in mind every human food is not always suitable for dogs because it can contain minerals that may toxic to canine.

Can Dogs Eat Wasabi Peas?

Really can dogs eat wasabi peas? It contains elements like Iron, Fiber, and Vitamins K, B and A, which are good for all but in short wasabi peas are a big No for dogs. If your dog suffering from kidney issues, then highly avoid wasabi peas. Don't let them consume a high amount. Wasabi peas side effect is digestive issues and bloating issues.

Can Dogs Eat Wasabi Almonds?

Can dogs have wasabi almonds safely? Almond is a great source of protein for human beings but it is not appropriate for dogs. What about almond wasabi and dogs? You can easily decide if almonds are not preferable then how could almond wasabi be a choice for the canine. There are no such varieties in wasabi that will good for the pooch.

Most of the wasabi is cultivates in Japan because of their monsoon condition. Wasabi needs winter season to cultivate in normal monsoon it is difficult to plow wasabi. There are some cities in unites states which cultivate wasabi but 99% of wasabi in America is fake.

It is a mixture of Hot Mustard, Citric Acid, Green Dye, and Horseradish which is highly dangerous for your wasabi dogs. Hope you got to know about is wasabi bad for dogs, can dogs have wasabi safely? Before serving a bite of wasabi to a dog confirm that it is original or fake but we will strongly recommend avoiding wasabi for dogs.

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What are the Health Benefits of Wasabi for Dogs?

Wasabi is one of the paste sausages which have many other ingredients to enhance the taste and improving spiciness. As we discussed the wasabi and dogs with their elements but is it possible benefits of eating wasabi? For instance, if human being consume the wasabi as an herb form then they can get the benefits: -

1. Anti-Bacterial

2. Anti-Cancer

3. Anti-Inflammatory

Note: - The benefits are only for human beings there is not much research on wasabi and dog's health benefits before serving any kinds of wasabi treat consult with a professional veterinarian. Else you would pay off.

What are the Side Effects of Wasabi for Dogs?

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Side Effects of Wasabi For Dogs

Wasabi is a Japanese green paste that is hot and spicy. If you share wasabis with your furry friend then it can cause sinuses to explode with intestinal irritation. It is ideal to avoid wasabi for dogs even what kinds of wasabi is having in America is fake wasabi dogs.

Is wasabi poisonous to dogs? There is no such research that came into existence that wasabi is poisonous to dogs but everything has one limit if it crosses the line then you should pay off the moment. It is best to not offer wasabi for dogs.

List of the Signs and Reaction of Dogs and Wasabi

Mostly it is impossible for dogs to consume hold of wasabi because of their spiciness but still some canine Fido the wasabi with sushi. So what kinds of reaction they do after consuming the green paste wasabi. Some of them are: -

1. Drinking Water

2. Sneezing Often

3. Running Uncertainly

4. Ear Drops

5. Lip Licking

6. Rubbing the Mouth over the floor

List of the Side Effects or Poisonous Wasabi and Dogs

There are some possible side effects of wasabi for dogs. If they consume an excessive amount of wasabi, then pooch can survive below side effects: -

1. Thirstiness

2. Stomach Pain

3. Gas

4. Vomiting

5. Diarrhea

6. Abdominal Discomfort

7. Burning Feel in Mouth and Nose

Are Dogs Being Allergic to Wasabi?

Present there are many foods are available which not suits to human being and the dogs because of allergic to certain food ingredients which stop to eat the delicious foods. But what about dogs and wasabi. Is wasabi allergy?

Yes, it might possible because it contains certain elements that are allergic to many human beings and prefer to avoid those ingredients food. Now a day in America there is fake wasabi in the market if you share a bite of wasabi with dogs just for the reaction's attention then it may put you in a burden.

So, prefer to suggest with a vet or nutritionist and take the step ahead for the safety of your family companion. Take out all the wasabi from your home.

Training Dog to Avoid Wasabi

Is it possible to train the dogs to avoid wasabi by themselves? Yes, why not. Dogs are domestic animals who obey their owners and can trainable if dogs to give alternate treats instead of wasabi. What will be the alternate of wasabi for dogs?

Read our next heading to know about the alternate but before that, you should know that every treatment has pros and cons. So select accordingly in the training time even avoid offering too many time. Else it can become a bad habit for dogs.          

Alternative to Wasabi and Dogs

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Alternative to Wasabi and Dogs

Find the list of the alternative of wasabi for dogs and these are the not only substitute. There much more treatments available I the market some are Natural, Homemade, and Commercial. Select according to your dog's breed, age, and size.

1. Pumpkin

2. Carrots

3. Apples

4. Cooked Lean Meat

5. Homemade Biscuits for Dogs

Note: - Be sure not to overeat because everything has a limit like any dog treat should not cross 5% to 10% of a dog's regular diet even though the above treat does not have any health issue for dogs but it is better to consult with veterinarian or nutritionist because everyone has different kinds of outlook.

My Dog Ate Wasabi What Should I Do Now?

If dog owner knows that the wasabi is a spicy vegetable food and having some wasabi at home for sushi add-on. Suddenly dog bites the hold of wasabi and the owner realized that the pooch facing certain difficulties and reacting unconditionally.

The first query that will come to mind is "my dog ate wasabi what should I do now?". If anything like happens with you, smart accordingly and do not panic. First of all, a bit of wasabi will not cause a big issue but still if canine consumes a hold of wasabi what should do?

Take Below Steps to Make Fido Feel Better to Dogs from Wasabi

1. Remove the leftover wasabi from the mouth

2. Snout with water and rinse the dog's mouth properly

3. Give lots of water

4. Moderate the dog's behavior for certain hours

5. If the dog emits any unconditional reaction then immediately take to the nearest veterinarian

Note: - If you are a new dog owner then first take the depth knowledge about dog's diet plan and the essential nutritional value required to dogs with the common health issue seen. It will help you to become a rational dog owner in society.

Can Puppies Eat Wasabi?

As we already discussed can dogs eat wasabi? With a comprehensive guide to avoiding any unconditional activity if dogs eat wasabi. But what about puppies you should also take knowledge of puppies' diet plan because it is the basis to become a good dog owner.

So, can puppies eat wasabi? Puppies are cute and innocent pets and they are like human babies who do not know anything about what to eat and what do not to eat. Puppies can eat wasabi but it is recommended to avoid such a threat to puppies.

It can harm their fragile stomach and can upset the digestive system brutally. Which puppies can survive even possible death instantly? So do not offer such treats for any reaction to entertain you will lose your companion puppy.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can dogs eat wasabi?

A. Yes, dogs can eat wasabi but it's not recommended because of their spiciness flavor.

2. Is wasabi bad for dogs?

A. Wasabi for dogs are not toxic but it is bad for dogs why because it is hot and spicy

3. Can puppies eat wasabi?

A. Puppies can taste wasabi for the first time but they do not eat all, it is ideal to keep the wasabi far from puppies.


Wasabi is a great source of anti-bacterial, cancer, and inflammatory for human beings but not for dogs. You can train your dog to avoid wasabi and can offer the substitute. Keep in mind any treat should not serve 5%-10% of regular food. You can also give the homemade treat to dogs for training.


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