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Hey! You only taught that maple syrup is used as the only condiment for flavoring in Pancakes, French Toast, Waffles, and Oatmeal. It is more than this. By the way, Can dogs eat maple syrup? Before that, you should know some main information about maple syrup and dogs.

The maple syrup is made up of xylem sap of Black maple, Red maple, and Sugar maple tree. Even it can be made up of other species of maple trees. There are lots of syrups available in the market which is the artificial flavor of maple syrup and hard to recognize.

The season of maple syrup is a limited period in a year like late winter and early summer hence because of nurture independence the production of maple syrup is always a big concern. Currently, Canada and The United States is the largest producer in the world. Although Canada provides 70% of production to the world annually.

Do you know that the indigenous peoples of North America first discover and utilized maple syrup? Later on, the European settlers practice the refined production method. In the 1970s the improvement of Technologies furthers refined maple syrup processing.

Most maple trees of sap can produce 5 to 15 US gallons per season. In 2016 the total production of maple syrup in Canada was 360 million US dollars the world. Hope you got some essential information about maple syrup and its history. Now for a further query like is maple syrup bad for dogs? Can have maple syrup safely? Read more.

Can Dogs Eat Maple Syrup?

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Can Dogs Eat Maple Syrup

May this question come to your mind while you were preparing pancakes with the topping of maple syrup and your cute dog looking on your eyes to share the delicious treat with me.

You wanted to offer the treat of maple syrup with the pooch but suddenly you got a good dog owner's attention thought that can dogs have maple syrup? Is maple syrup for dogs a good option? You decided smarty by searching first of maple syrup dog combination.

The ultimate answer of can dogs eat maple syrup safely? Is Yes but wait! Before serving the honey-like syrup with the canine you should also know and differentiate between Original and Artificial flavored maple syrup available in the market.

How will you decide which kinds of maple syrup is safe for dogs? For further clarification read our comprehensive search on dogs and maple syrup.

Maple syrup can also condiment with Greek yogurt for delicious taste and best treat for dogs but Can dogs eat yogurt? Click and get great information to be a good dog owner.

Is Maple Syrup Bad For Dogs?

The concern will always be there while serving any new treat to your four-legged friend. Either the food does not harm dogs but still, the owner thinks to take advice from a nutritionist. What about maple syrup? Is maple syrup bad for dogs?

If you Are a true dog owner, then go further. As you know dogs can eat maple syrup but Still, you should know some of the elements which are toxic to dogs and found in Sweeteners or syrups made artificially.

Maple syrup for dogs is safe when it is made naturally. There are few issues? s Market which contains harmful artificial additives like Xylitol and Corn syrup. If You give your dog maple syrup without knowing the originality and contents, then you will pay off.

 The element xylitol is a hazard for dogs it can lead to several side effects like Obesity, Tooth-Decay, and Diabetes. So, ultimately select a proper or natural maple syrup for dogs because it has lots of health benefits for the canine.

Do dogs like coconut oil instead of maple syrup? To know about this click on Can dogs eat coconut oil without health issues?

What are the Health Benefits of Maple Syrup for Dogs?

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What are the Health Benefits of Maple Syrup for Dogs

Maple syrup is not just used for topping purposes as everybody thinks. It even has health benefits for both human beings and dogs. But still, is maple syrup ok for dogs? If you are thinking to share maple syrup with the pooch, then you should know the difference between organic and artificial.

Yes! If your selection will wrong, then you will pay off. Below is some nutritional value present in organic maple syrup that is beneficial.

1. Manganese: - Helps to utilize carbohydrates and proteins

2. Zinc: - Maintain proper immune system with the help of manganese

3. Vitamin B2: - Improve RBC production, which runs nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

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What are the Side Effects of Maple Syrup for Dogs?

Did you get the point that can dogs have maple syrup? But! What if you serve mistakenly artificial made maple syrup to your dear pooch? The dog faces some side effects and intestinal problems which lead to sickness.

Note below points to know what kinds of side effects dogs can suffer after having too much or artificial maple syrup.

1. Dehydration

2. Lethargy

3. Weight Loss

4. Thirstiness

5. Rapid Urination

Your question of "Is maple syrup bad for dogs?" May it's clear now. If you want more essential precautions, then have a look at the bottom sections.

What About Artificial Flavored Maple Syrup?

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What About Artificial Flavored Maple Syrup

It's strictly prohibited to offer artificially flavored maple syrup for dogs. It contains highly toxic elements like Xylitol. It is considered as one of the dangerous substances in artificial sweeteners which even cause death to dogs. Moreover, you can also survive with Diabetes after having artificial maple syrup or too many sugar treats.

It's ideal to not share any kinds of flavored or additive sweet treats. Who knows that may put the dog into a brutal situation. However, Diabetes may also cause the below-listed points.

Symptoms of Diabetes: -

1. Kidney Failure

2. Liver Failure

3. Hypoglycemia

Alternative to Maple Syrup and Dogs

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Alternative to Maple Syrup and Dogs

Yes! Dogs can have maple syrup if it is organically produced. But still, there are maple syrup dog treats which artificially created and dog owners are always confused between organic & artificial.

They are not able to recognize which is a quality brand. If you do not want to share maple syrup with your four-legged friend any more then below are few alternatives of maple syrup for dogs.

1. Popcorn

2. Avocado

3. Cabbage

4. pineapple

5. Ranch

Note: - The above alternates are good even you can go through our other articles in www.Dogbreedschart.com to know the food information regarding mention Alternates, it’s also good to take console from your vet's.

My Dog Ate Maple Syrup What Should I Do Now?

After knowing is maple syrup bad for dogs? And wanted to know more about maple syrup dog treats but always prefer to select organic and trusted maple syrup brands. If your dog ate maple syrup which is organically produced, then do not panic it's okay for dogs and they can take benefits of nutritional value in maple.

But things get spoil when your pooch consume artificial flavor maple syrup, dogs may face many health issues and can also be sick unexpectedly.

If your canine eats an excessive amount of sweet syrup, then immediately contact the nearest veterinarian clinic to avoid any harmful side effects and for recovery as soon as possible.

Can Puppies Eat Maple Syrup?

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Can Puppies Eat Maple Syrup

As you went through can dogs eat maple syrup? As you may also have queries regarding puppies that can puppies eat maple syrup? Yes! Puppies can have but it's not recommended because of their size and age. If they once grow, then you can serve to treat them like maple syrup for nutritional value.

Avoid giving any sweet treat to puppies because it can lead to several health issues. Before taking any step or offer a new treat to pups once consult with a veterinarian or nutritionist. If incidentally, your furry consume the maple syrup then keep an eye and take him or her to the vet immediately.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can dogs eat maple syrup?

A. Yes! Dogs can eat maple syrup safely but better to recognize the brand that they are producing maple syrup organically or artificially.

2. Is maple syrup bad for dogs?

A. If you offer artificial made maple syrup to dogs then definitely, it will cause health problems but always prefer to serve organic because it contains health benefits for dogs.

3. Can puppies eat maple syrup?

A. Yes! Puppies can eat maple syrup but it's not recommended to serve because it can be an adverse reaction also instead of nutrition.


It's always best to offer a sweet treat in front because sometimes it can be adverse that your dog can lead to brutal health conditions. Which can even cause brain ham range and liver strokes. So, be a good dog owner by knowing the needs of your dear pooch.


I hope you come to know about can dogs eat maple syrup from this Blog. I mentioned lots of info and details on can dogs have maple syrup. I hope this article will help you out.

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