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History and Origin of Sarabi Mastiff Breed

The Sarabi mastiff is one of the oldest dogs considered in Iran for centuries because these dogs were used as a guardian dog for the shepherd security from wolves, jackals, bears, and other local predators.

Sarabi Mastiff Breed is known by many names such as Iranian mastiff, Persian mastiff, and Iranian shepherd dog. This guardian dog breed is from Azerbaijan in northern Iran. Sarabi mastiff breed is the most potent indigenous dog breed in Iran.

Larger and bulky, which makes Sarabi mastiff great value these mastiffs have strong and heavy bones, upper lips hang down, and eyes are almond shape, the thick tail is long and j shape.

Sarabi Mastiff Dog
Sarabi Mastiff Dog Breed 

Temperament, Behavior, and Personality of Sarabi Mastiff Dog

Personality: - Sarabi mastiff is an excellent dog with good nature who extraordinarily affectionate and loving towards the family. He is calm and perfectly fit as a companion for older children. However, because of its great size, the dog breed is not recommended for toddlers. Even they are good protective and watchdog for the family.

Behavior: - The Persian Mastiff is a calm dog with the owner but not with strangers, so early socialization and training are a must to follow your command after grown-up. Even the dogs need long-hour exercise daily with playful activity because they are highly active dog breeds.

Temperament: - Iranian Mastiffs Are Alert, Protective, Loyal and Active dog breed. They have a great sense of nose and barks louder when Sarabi found any suspicious activity at home or with strangers and informed their owner. But These Iranian mastiffs are not recommending an apartment.

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Coat of the Sarabi Mastiff Dog

These ancient dogs are mostly used and taken for their priority purpose like guarding their sheep and protecting from a wild animal. Sarabi mastiff looks massive dog big head and their body weighted are them rugged appearance to who see them the first time. Still, the Persian dog is polite, independent, and protective of their family owners.

The Sarabi mastiff coat is a black and brown color, which suits the Sarabi dog as per its personality and big muscular and bulky. The skin protects the dogs in different seasons and situations. It is naturalistic the dog’s coat should be a concern on grooming to be a good, healthy, and hygiene dog for the family.

Diet of Sarabi Mastiff Breed

Sarabi mastiff dog breed has the same diet, which would be applicable for other species. Also, most dogs can eat meat, vegetable, and rare seafood.

But there should be taken some suggestion from a veterinarian to prescribe what should serve on your canine bowl. Some give commercial food for their dog, and some provide organic food to their breed.

There’s no doubt that the Sarabi mastiff is a great family dog, but what about Utonagan Dog Breeds? They almost look like wolves, and everybody loves the dog to keep as a companion. But is Sarabi Dog for Sale available?

Is Sarabi Mastiff a Child-Friendly Dog?

Sarabi Mastiff Dog Breed
Sarabi Mastiff Dog Puppies 

Yes, the Sarabi mastiff is a livestock dog and faithfully to their owners, polite to their family members also, but when it comes to children. Sarabi also point towards there adopted family and suspicious of others who enter between there owner families,

Sarabi is healthier and giant dog compare to the other breed there big head makes them look unique and bold dog even their groom coat is smooth and colored which safe them from cold and other things

When these dogs get their proper thing like training, exercise, and socializing with other pets, they would be useful and fresh, and easily bound with the new owners.

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Height, Weight, and Life Expectancy of Sarabi Mastiff Dog

Sarabi dog breed is the independent dog breed and one of the protective dogs to their owner the height of the Sarabi mastiff male is 32 to 35 inches (81 to 89cm), and the female is 28 to 32 inches (71 to 81cm).

According to their height, even their dog breed’s weight is muscular towards their personality and health. The male Sarabi would weigh 143 to 198 pounds (65 to 90kg). Some reach even over 220 pounds (100kg) female weight would be 110 to 154 pounds (50 to 70kg).

The Persian dog has a reasonable life expectancy. This breed can live up to 12 to 15 years compares to other dog breeds.  

Litter Size of Sarabi Mastiff Puppies

Every dog has a different litter size according to their breeds and size, but here you will get to know the litter size of the Persian mastiff with a litter size maximum of about 6 to 8 puppies that make these a good and healthy breed compared to other dogs.

Is Sarabi Mastiff Good for Sale?

Sarabi Mastiff Dog Breed

When selecting a dog, most people go with their choices and limit the expense like rate. Peoples who own dogs as companionship they are passionate love towards animals.

But if you own a pet’s food business, then the Sarabi breed will be right for your business because of its guardian livestock. This muscular dog would attack the customers, so Sarabi mastiff is an independent and protective dog who plans to adopt the dogs for the personal or public purpose.            

What are Sarabi Mastiff Qualities?

Sarabi mastiff breed is also known as many names like Persian Mastiff, Iranian Mastiff, and Shepherd dog, even used in the stage fights. Sarabi is a calm, controlled, and independent dog powerful guard breed.

These dogs are a dignified breed that loves their owner and best children friendly dog for the protective family. These dogs can swim if trained, fortunately, because most of the dog can’t swim.

Which Country Buys Most of the Sarabi Mastiff Dog Breed?

The Sarabi mastiff dog breed is the livestock guardian dog from East Azerbaijan in northern Iran. The country which most dogs are the United States comes in the list on a top number because the USA buys varieties of dogs and different breeds,

The second country comes China, which also buys most dogs like that japan is in the 4th number in the list. When it’s about the Sarabi mastiff, the dog is usually used for security purposes. Even Russia is the number of 3rd countries that own most of the dogs.   

Sarabi Mastiff Puppies’ Sale Price?

Sarabi mastiff is a demanded dog for the security of any loved ones for property purposes. These dogs are unique with their skill and have good behavior towards their owners. The Sarabi mastiff would cost 500 to 100 USD dollars. 

Because of their strong muscular and height, which makes them afraid of anyone, so these dogs are expensive when it comes to their purchasing.



In November 1989, the eight-year-old Sarabi mastiff known as Zorba set the world’s largest dog’s record. Zorba weighed 343 pounds (156 KG), 37 inches high from the shoulder, and 8 feet 3 inches long.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Sarabi Dog Breeds?

A. Sarabi dogs are one of the oldest dog breeds of origin in Iran for centuries. They are famous by various names such as Iranian Mastiff, Persian Mastiff, and Iranian Shepherd dogs.

2. What is the Lifespan of Sarabi Mastiff Dog Breeds?

A. The Lifespan of Sarabi Mastiff dog breeds are 12 to 17 years and they are giant dogs.

3. What is the Litter Size of the Sarabi Mastiff?

A. The litter size Sarabi mastiff dogs have 6 to 8 puppies, making them healthier than other breeds.


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