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Details About Pyrenean Mastiff

Introduction on these wonderful dogs Pyrenean Mastiff

 pyrenean mastiff, Pyrenean Mastiff Lifespan

The Pyrenean Mastiff breed of dogs has been well-known through the years for their extreme power as well as their great friendly mood towards the people.

They are taking their name from the Pyrenean Mountains that are the physical barrier between the Iberic Peninsula and Western Europe.

They were breed by the mountaineers in the higher villages of the Pyrenees so that they were guarding their sheep against the constant destructive attacks of wolves and bears.
These dogs were strong enough to deal with any opponent.

On the other side, they were extremely friendly with people. The great mood is always appreciated by their masters who are becoming the closest friends.

The dogs have a heavy coat so that they can easily cope up with the harsh winter conditions of the Pyrenean Mountains.

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The Pyrenean Mastiff Unique Generation

 pyrenean mastiff, Pyrenean Mastiff Lifespan

These dogs are apparent in the Spanish kingdoms for more than a thousand years.
Due to the relative isolation of the area, there not bred with any other dog breeds keeping their unique characteristics intact throughout the years.

The Mastiff of the Pyrenean Mountains keeps inside a great kindness and can be aggressive only if other dogs or people challenge it.

It has a very developed muscular system that gives it a robust appearance giving a lot of fear to any opponent. Their appearance may look nasty, but they are incredibly lovable and friendly, especially with kids.

These dogs are said to belong to ancient breeds coming from the eastern Mediterranean and coming to Spain with pirates’ ships. They are high in volume, and their head is bigger than any other dog giving company to human.

Their great appetite is also well-known, and this is why modern families are not readily adopting one of them.

What is their Character?

pyrenean mastiff, Pyrenean Mastiff Lifespan

The Pyrenean Mastiff dogs are cheerful friends and are always in a positive mood to help their masters. Since they are huge and massive dogs, they cannot move freely for a long time.

They certainly, need their space.

Pyrenean Mastiff dogs usually need their time with strangers. You should ease their rush when they meet new people since they are not easy to trust any strangers.

Their primary concern is the master’s safety, and that is why they can attack to any night intruder right away after they set their eyes on him.

That is why burglars are getting far away when they come to see the Pyrenean Mastiffs in the house, and they are about to break in.

Mastiffs and their Training Abilities

Since you are adopting them from a very young age, then their training program could be an easy task. They are dominant dogs, so there should be no other breed close to them when trained.

On the other hands, their training should be done firmly and with no compromise to their tears and cries since they need to learn to obey the master at all times.

Health and Exercise Levels of Pyrenean Mastiff

pyrenean mastiff, Pyrenean Mastiff Lifespan

The Mastiff dogs are usually healthy enough to live at least 10 to 13 years the most.
Their common problems are the knees which are getting inflamed after many years of running around and can give the dogs extreme pain.

Additionally, the dogs may develop eye problems when not fed the right way. This is because the disruption of the correct and acceptable blood sugar levels can destroy the small vessels inside their eyes.

The dogs can also follow any exercises plan you may need possible choose. They don’t like to run a lot far away from their houses, and they are fond of listening to their master while he is training with them as well.

Most of the mastiff dogs are following a healthy diet that has lots of meat products as well as vegetables for a healthy intestine.

The Unique Quality of Pyrenean Mastiff

The mastiff dogs are lovable and powerful at the same time. Their ancient origin gives them unique characteristics that are only available in dogs of this size.

They have big needs in food consumption, and that is why they were selected by livestock owners who had lots of meat to feed them.

Their coat is long and thick enough to give them protection during the low-temperature season. Their teeth are powerful to threat their opponents while they are not threatened to decay when they don’t consume the right type of food.

The body mass of Pyrenean Mastiff dogs is also impressive. They are not small home lovers, and they rather like to live in greater ranches and houses with yards where they may have lots of space to move around.

Overall, the mastiff dogs are entirely lovable and can be great companions to their masters, saving their lives and their integrity at the same time. You have to love them too so that they feel better and comfortable.


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