[2023] Japanese Spitz - Training, Health, Exercise, Appearance, Feature, and History

The Lovable Japanese Spitz Dogs Special Features

Japanese Spitz puppy, Japanese Spitz puppies

These dogs are lovable companions, especially for little kids that live in apartments. They don’t require lots of space, nor need them to take long walks in the morning to get ready for their busy day.

The Spitz Dogs are coming from Japan, and it’s a unique breed been bred in large numbers there to fit all the small Japanese houses. They are quite small in size, and they are not growing up fast.

These dogs can be extremely cozy with kids and let them hug together and protect them from external dangers the same. Most of the times they are quiet without making a lot of noise when barking.

Their puffy coat is always bright and shiny and has a unique white color that hasn’t changed through the ages. These dogs are great guards; however, they cannot easily be tricked by the burglars, and they may try to have some food and get everybody in danger with their behavior.

This medium of course, has to do directly with their training that has to be bold and gentle the same time, starting from their early childhood. Japanese Spitz should not be carried away from their mother when they are newborns. Otherwise, they will develop hostile feelings for people.

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History of Japanese Spitz Puppy Perfect Dogs 

Japanese Spitz puppy, japanese spitz puppies

The Japanese Spitz puppies come directly from the ancient Japanese breeds of racing dogs.

Their breed has never mixed with others, and that is the main reason these dogs are among the most expensive to acquire these days. They are referred to belong to the Japanese Emperor from the early 9th century.

Main paintings that depict the daily life in the court of the Emperor show a bunch of Japanese Spitz dogs to accompany him to his walks in the gardens. They are excellent in walking and running.

Playing is their most significant advantage, and they can continuously be occupied with children no matter how tired they may feel. Both the Japanese and the American Kennel Club have given them accreditation as a separate race of dogs.

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What is the Appearance of Japanese Spitz Puppies?

 japanese spitz, japanese spitz puppies

These Japanese Spitz puppies have the smoother fur from every other dog breed. They need no hair cut when the summer comes since they have their unique way to cool down and lower their body temperature.

They have small feet that make them resemble like bigger cats. Those feet are giving them a lot more flexibility to move around rapidly without getting tired. Their faces are long and they hard larger teeth and tongue which helps them lower their temperature more effectively.

Their nose is pointy at some level and can give them more smelling abilities, which helps them to survive and stabilize a lot better than other breeds of dogs. The Spitz dogs are renowned for their small but beautiful eyes that vary in color according to their particular breed.

This variety in color can give them extreme ability to withstand the external harsh weather conditions and can put a physical barrier in intense sun radiation that can otherwise harm their eyes.

Japanese Spitz Dogs Can Easily Get Trained

They are intelligent dogs and most of the times extremely obedient. They like to play the catch and bring a game, especially when they are in younger ages when their character is getting forged.

It is easier to give them house training when they are bigger and more developed. After all, they may provoke some minor home accidents, but all types of dog are doing that when being trained.

Health and Exercise for Japanese Spitz Puppy

japanese spitz puppy, japanese spitz puppies

Their overall health level remains exceptional. You have to give the dog shots regularly and clean them upright so that they are always free from bugs that reside on their skin and fur coat.

Their kneecap cartilage can wear off with time and give them extensive painful syndromes. Another problem that Spitz dogs are usually dealing with is runny eyes which resemble a continuous crying with no apparent reason.

This overflow of tears can create constant sinus infections that may interfere with their ability to smell, which in turn could interfere with their ability to balance when walking or running.

Japanese Spitz dogs are fond of exercising every single day. They can follow their masters to their daily jogging sessions, and they can also swim in the hot summer days.

Not to mention that they like to play frisbee on the beach and jump high enough to catch it. It’s an entertaining experience, especially for kids.

Japanese Spitz – Final Words

The Japanese Spitz dogs are among the most lovable and easy-going pets you could have. They are perfect mates every time you feel depressed and have little requirements in food and beverages.

They are the perfect dogs for inhouse training and can give you memorable moments.


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