[2022] Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Seeds - Can Dogs Have Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a beautiful superfruit for the humans and rich in Potassium, high in fiber, excellent with vitamin A, C & E and packed of antioxidant with some folic acid. However, can dogs have pomegranate seeds

Yeah, it’s a far debate of Yes or No. Let's see

Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Seeds?

Can dogs eat pomegranate seeds, can dogs have pomegranate

It's a tough query to answer in Yes, or No that can dog eat pomegranates? Many believed that Pomegranate was forbidden fruit to Adam & Eve. Is it a forbidden fruit for your lovely pet pooch? We do not know it a forbidden fruit to Adam & Eve.

However, we can say that is this for your pet or not. A lovely dog is a beam of light in your life of joy. You trained him from his early age makes them a socialize pooch, but it's a fact if you give them pomegranate seeds they will not be afraid to eat. Are pomegranate seeds bad for dogs?

Let's explore it from in-depth analysis for your lovely pomegranate dogs. As you know, many pet foods available in the market; some of them have recognized the brand, and some brands provide pomegranate seeds contain cookies.

So, its common query among dog owners that can dog eat pomegranate seeds?

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 Are Pomegranate Seeds Bad for Dogs?

can dogs eat pomegranate seeds, can dogs eat pomegranate

No, it's a straightforward answer to those who think a pomegranate safe for dogs are not. It depends on the dosage of pomegranate seeds because a raw and pure pomegranate seeds will make your dog’s stomach in trouble. May be your canine will poke or vomit but don't afraid if it happens. offer him plenty of water it will provide relief to your pooch.

However, again, a question arises that can dog eat pomegranate seeds? Its vary to different dogs and their environment presence. Pomegranate seeds suite to only some dogs it's not mentioned which breed is that. So if you want to know is your dog is comfortable with this diet plan.

Start from a small amount of feed for your lovely dog's diet plan. It's better sanity to consult with your dog's veterinarian that how much quantity you have to feed them before providing. However, some query of your mind we can solve right now that is Pomegranate good for dogs?

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Are Pomegranates Good for Dogs?

can dogs eat pomegranate seeds, can dogs have pomegranate

Yes, many believe pomegranate seeds have certain antioxidants and fluid juice which helps to cure dogs heart disease, and it's a most common disease among dogs. So hence, dog owners often want to know can dogs eat pomegranate seeds.

Are pomegranate seeds good for dogs? We discussed one of the major factors of pomegranate seeds above but there some more beneficial factor like no cholesterol and saturated fat with certain element compounds which makes dog powerful and healthy.

However, avoid to give pure pomegranate seeds; otherwise, it will affect to dog's stomach intestine and can cause certain diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, and stomachache. There are many pomegranate seeds biscuits available at the store they have the flavor of Pomegranate but not pure or raw Pomegranate.

If you still confuse that can dogs have pomegranate seeds or not? Just please once read our full Article you get all clarification and misconceptions what is it means?

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Pomegranate and Dogs – Fruit that can't eat by dog

can dogs eat pomegranate seeds, are pomegranate seeds bad for dogs

There is always a worry about the dog's diet plan by its owner. Here is some list of fruits which might cause your lovely dog in trouble. Are pomegranate seeds bad for dogs? Some questions like this.      
    Yeast Dough
    Onion and Garlic
    Macadamia Nuts

These are some food which makes your furry friend in health issues, so be precaution with the diet plan of your lovely dog.

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Can I Feed Pomegranate Seeds to My Dog Occasionally?

can dogs have pomegranate seeds, can dogs have pomegranate seeds

There a many query arises to novice dog owners that can dog eat pomegranate seeds or can dogs have pomegranate seeds although there is no risk to feed pomegranate seeds to your furry pooch occasionally and a decent quantity.

However, again, I want to remind you do not give pure Pomegranate to your lovely pooch. There are some tasty cookies available at the store in the flavor of Pomegranate. So still you confuse that is Pomegranate good for dogs? I don't think so.

Some Common Side Effect After Consumption of Pomegranate Seeds

There is some common side effect for consuming a large number of pomegranate seeds which cause health issues among dogs like stomach ache, bathroom breaks, and vomiting.

Suppose if your dog ate pomegranate seeds what you do? Just stop their food for 6 hours and give them plenty of water.

However, why are pomegranate seeds bad for dogs? Because dogs stomach is delicate and sensitive as compared to humans as far as acidic juice is concerned. Dogs cannot chew the seeds, but the human can hence if one eats Pomegranate, he/she can spit the seeds. 

How Should You Feed Pomegranate Seeds To Your Dog?

can dogs eat pomegranate seeds, pomegranate dog

There are mainly two popular ways to feed pomegranate seeds for your furry friend. As we know the digestive system of dogs is case-sensitive, which might cause trouble for pooch stomach.

Hence, the researcher has found the way that one can give an antioxidant boost to lovely dogs without any health cause.

#1. Pomegranate extract: - what does it mean? The pomegranate extract is a combination with other substances, cytoprotective, and potent antioxidant in a pomegranate seed. The pomegranate extract helps in heart disease and cell damage of dogs.

Pomegranate seeds have some other antioxidants which cannot bear by dog's intestine like tannins can cause stomachache. So hence, the extract is excellent for dogs.

#2. Pomegranate dogs treat: - It is one more way to add this antioxidant boost fruit in your furry friend's diet plan. If He/She like the fruity juice and taste, but it must be a high-quality pomegranate.

So, Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Seeds? – Final Words

Yes, you can provide the pomegranate extract which is excellent and suitable for their health, but once again I recommend to you that do not give them pure Pomegranate it might cause to your lovely furry pooch.

It always better to keep away your lovey pet from having pomegranate seeds and if you want just better to consult with your dog vet. 


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