[2023] Fastest Dog Breeds - Top 6 Elegant Racer Dog Breeds In The World

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Fastest Dog Breeds in the World - Truly Will Blow Your Mind

Fastest Dog Breeds, Racer dog breeds

Are you thinking to add a new pet in your family? So, it's a great idea to adopt the  Bravery fastest dog breeds. Many Brilliant dogs can run faster and consider in speeddogs. Not only but also supreme and energetic dogs in their field.

However, it does not only end with the dogs, but also A human can run faster. Many peoples run up to 10 MPH. The fastest human speed ever recorded was achieved by Splendid Olympic Champion Usain Bolt, who ran at a rate of 28 MPH.

Not all the dogs born to run fast. Do you think your dog is the fastest dog? Does his breed qualify him as the fastest dog breeds? However, the fastest dog in the world is A greyhound who run-up to the speed of 45 MPH. If you are thinking to adopt the fastest dogs, so, check out our Top 6 Elegant Fastest Dog Breeds List.

Even they are not only excellently fast but also extremely friendly. And importantly you must have ample amount of space to run this fastest dogs, requires regular exercise and plenty of playtime with their owner if you have a big backyard and patient time to train. So they are unbelievable pets for the house.

Top 6 Elegant Fastest Dog Breeds List.

1.    Greyhound – 45 MPH
2.    Saluki – 42 MPH
3.    Afghan hound – 40 MPH
4.    Vizsla – 40 MPH
5.    Whippet - 34 MPH
6.    German Shepherd – 30 MPH

Hope you will going to enjoy to select your favorite fastest dog breeds.

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1. Greyhound –  45 Miles Per Hour

Fastest dog breeds, Racer dog breeds

Lifespan – 10 to 14 years

Highlights – Adaptability, Active, and Loyal

Some Interesting Facts – We know the Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world. But did you know the Greyhound's nickname is "40 Mph Couch Potato"?

No doubt, Having this epic name top of the List. Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world who run up to the speed of 45 Miles Per Hour. These dogs were used for hunting, racing, and chasing game. 

Moreover Still in the worldwide Greyhound used for racing dogs because Greyhound is an incredibly fastest dog and considered in racer dog breeds.

Another key thing is they are not only speeddogs. Greyhound is extremely friendly and easy to maintain their health. This dog is not aggressive nature and the perfect fit for a house pet. If you are having ample amount of backyard so why not to try this Astounding fastest pet.

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2. Saluki – 42 Miles Per Hour

Fastest dog breeds, Racer dog breeds

Lifespan – 12 to 14 years

Highlights – Fast, Smart, and Playful

Some Interesting Facts – According to AKC report, "Arab tribesmen highly valued Salukis, and they were thought to be a gift from God and called "el hor," which means the noble."

Saluki is also known as Persian Greyhound, and these dogs are 2nd fastest dogs in the world. The race of dogs occurs in many countries of the world and Saluki used for racing dogs. Many experts say in long-distance race Saluki can run faster than a greyhound.

Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds. This breed is local to the so-referred to as Cradle of Civilization, the area this is now Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, and Palestine. Some expert founds the images of Persian Greyhound on the Ancient Egyptian Tombs.

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3. Afghan Hound – 40 Miles Per Hour

Fastest dog breeds, Fastest dogs

Lifespan – 10 to 12 years

Highlights – Kid-friendly, Energetic, and Elegant

Some Interesting Facts – Afghan hounds, are sighthounds, and they smile like as humans, They also called as "smile dogs."

Afghan Hound is one of the most famous native Asian dog breeds. They are sighthound dogs and oldest breeds in the world which still exist. By his name only shows that Afghan hound origins from Afghanistan. They used for hunts in mountain and desert.

The Afghan hound is also the fastest dog breeds who can reach up to 40 Miles Per Hour. However, they are independents dogs and sometimes tough to train, but they are extremely friendly with the kids. 

They require a lot of patience to train. Still, The Afghan hound is best for house pet because of their beautiful curly coated hair and friendly nature.

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4. Vizsla – 40 Miles Per Hour

Fastest dog breeds, Racer dog breeds

Lifespan - 10 to 14 years

Highlights – Gentle, Loyal, and Affectionate

Some Interesting Facts – A Record has been ever recorded a vizsla long-lived for 21 years.

Vizsla is a Velcro dog breeds they have given the nickname as "Velcro Vizsla." It's challenging to keep this dog on the 4th position of the List because vizsla is pretty much fastest dogs and almost similar speed of Afghan hound, but vizsla is a very active dog breed and sticks close to their favorite person.

Vizsla is also called racing dogs breed in many eras. However, it's regrettable to hear in some region underground of mafia world vizsla used for racing dogs. Despite this, the dogs are easy to groom, easy to train and friendly with everyone. They are perfect for a house pet.

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5. Whippet – 34 Miles Per Hour

Fastest dog breeds, Fastest dog in the world

Lifespan – 12 to 15 years

Highlights – Playful, Friendly, and Gentle

Some Interesting Facts – Its believe that the English millers were brought whippet to America in the 1900s for racing dogs.

Whippet is small, and the fastest dogs can reach up to the speed of 34 Miles Per Hour. Whippets are fleet-footed can easily catch to rats and rabbits. Whippet is a gentle,  playful dog and eager to interact with peoples. Whippet is an extremely excellent athlete and can be a great guide dog for house.

The whippet became popular in racer dog breeds because of their fastest accelerating dog in the world. Whippets can become a good house pet if they give regular exercise. They are a very active and independent dog.

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6. German Shepherd – 30 Miles Per Hour

Fastest dog breeds, racing dogs breed

Lifespan – 9 to 13 years

Highlights – Bravery, Adaptability, and Watchdog

Some Interesting Facts – German shepherd, never shy, and never be aggressive. They are splendid protective dog breed.

There's no surprise having German shepherd in this fastest dog breeds List. Many speed dogs can run faster than German shepherd but why we considered him in this List. Because this dog not only runs fast but also can catch other activities extremely faster than other dogs.

The German shepherd is very famous for their bravery, loyalty, Adaptability, and security, and this is just not done, German shepherds are working dog breeds and usually work for soldiers, Police and Humanitarian assistance and one of the Most Loyal Dog Breeds in the world.


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