[2023] Irish Dog Breeds List - Top 10 Popular Irish Dogs From Ireland

Irish Dog Breeds List

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

The Craze of Irish dog breeds are increasing day by day because of their loyalty and family companion; however, some of the Irish dogs owned by many Presidents, Royal Kings, and even well-known Painters.

Irish dog breeds are good looking, and fluffy dogs who can see in many color coats like Red, Blue, and double colors. Which make them more affectionate and kind appearance dogs to adopt even they are intelligent dogs.

However, some of them are independent dogs which can be challenging to train by novice dog owners but can prepare if they approach positive reinforcement techniques and rewards to motivate them while training.

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Top 10 Popular Irish dog breeds List.

  • Irish Red and White Setter
  • Irish Red Setter
  • Glen of Imaal Terrier
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • Irish Terrier
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Beagle
  • Kerry Blue Terrier (Irish Blue Terrier)
  • Irish Lurcher

All the Irish dogs that we mentioned above is popular in Ireland and other nations. However, few more Irish dogs are also a good companion. Moreover, this is our Top 10 Irish dog list. Please read below to know important information about them.

#1. Irish Red and White Setter

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

Lifespan: - 10 to 13 Years

Temperament: - Affectionate, Devoted and Playful

Irish Red and White Setter originated before the Irish Setter in Italy, they are called gundogs in the United Kingdom and a sporting group in Canada and America. Their coat is exquisite and charming, and they are also an attention seeker.

Irish Red and White Setter are required a lot of exercise and the training they are amazingly well with the owners and kids but a little aloof for strangers, however, if they give early socialization so they can very good with other peoples and these are loyal Irish dogs.

Some interesting facts: - These Irish dog breeds are one of the oldest dog breeds who almost become verge of extinct in the 20th century but because of clergyman they surviving today.

#2. Irish Red Setter

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Active, Good Nature and, Fun Loving

These Irish Dog Breeds are mostly known as a bird dog and their beautiful appearance, which makes everyone to keep these Irish dogs as a pet. Irish Red setter is energetic and active dogs they need regular exercise; otherwise, it led to becoming destructive habits.

Irish Setter is a child-friendly and can evolve with any people. However, early socialization can make them more discipline dog despite this they are an excellent watchdog and guard dog for the family and territory.

Some interesting facts: - These Irish dogs were own by some Presidents such as Harry Truman and Richard Nixon.

#3. Glen of Imaal Terrier

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

Lifespan: - 10 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Gentle, Energetic and Fearless

Glen of Imaal terrier is a medium size small Irish dogs. Who acts as a big personality and a strong motive to be fearless from anybody even they are the excellent protective dog in a small package. If any fight occurs with other animals or dogs, they don't get back.

These Irish dog breeds are a good playmate with the kids, but because of their intense activeness, they can lead harm to small kids unknowingly. Training to these dogs is a little tricky. They need firm leadership and consistency while training.

Some interesting facts: - Glen of Imaal terrier registered in Irish Kennel Club in 1934, but they registered in American Kennel Club in 2004 under the terrier group.

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#4. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Energetic, Watchdog and Kid-Friendly

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is one of the oldest Irish dog breeds who are amazingly clownish attitude and makes you entertain all the time. They are healthy and active dogs which bred for both hunting and herding purpose, so they require daily exercise to stay healthy and fit.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a good child-friendly suitable for all ages even they are well with other pets too. However, these Irish dogs love to dig a lot, so if you have a backyard and they left alone, these can be led to destruct your era.

So early training and socialization are mandatory for a soft coated wheaten terrier to avoid evil, destructive behavior. Training to these dogs is moderate.

Some interesting facts: - In 1843, The well-known Irish painter Sir Frederic William Burton made the artwork of "The Aran Fisherman's Drowned Child" in which he painted to Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

#5. Irish Terrier

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

Lifespan: - 13 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Alert. Guard Dog and Adventurous

Irish terrier is another Irish dog who is extremely loyal to its owner. A great watchdog to their family is even highly intelligent for their work. Which makes them a good family companion dogs and they are red-coated color dogs, which makes them more attractive pet too.

These dogs are docile usually, but when it comes to fight or protect, they won't be any more back. Irish terrier is a perfect playmate with the children of all ages and love to do different task. They get bored with a repetitive job, so hence give them every time different and short session to do.

Some interesting facts: - These Irish dog breeds were used in World War I as a messenger and sentinel.

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#6. Irish Water Spaniel

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 13 Years

Temperament: - Loyal. Intelligent and Entertain

Irish Water Spaniel is one of the oldest breeds in Spaniel, and they have striking looks and excellent hunting skills, which makes them playful or entertain. They have mostly curly brown with dropped ear and a docile look too.

Irish water spaniel dogs are incredibly child-friendly and a good playmate for them. They love to entertain their family with their funny behavior and grabbing attention. These Irish dog breeds are most loyal to their owner and a strong desire to please them.

Some interesting facts: - Shannon Spaniel, Rat-Tail Spaniel, and Whip-Tail Spaniel these are some other names of Irish water spaniel.

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#7. Irish Wolfhound

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

Lifespan: - 6 to 8 Years

Temperament: - Non-Aggression, Loyal and Calm

These Irish dogs are often known as giant dogs and can scare to any strangers or alert to an intruder. Before entering your territory, they are good watchdogs, but these Irish dogs are not that much suitable to as a guard dog because they are docile and calm dogs.

Irish dog breeds are magnificent to behave with the children of all ages, but despite their giant size, it’s better for older kids rather than toddlers. The Irish wolfhound is independent dogs who think of their mind.

So, it makes them stubborn while training and a difficult task to train them regularly unless you are an experienced dog owner. However, they like to play with their owners and kids.

Some interesting facts: - It believes that in the 2nd or 4th century the well-known king of Ireland named Cormac Mac Airt had almost 300 armies of Irish Wolfhound in their kingdom.

#8. Beagle

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Energetic, Affectionate and Curious

The Beagle name came from the Irish word of "Beag" which means medium. The Beagle is Irish dog breeds and excellent hunting dogs. They are very beloved to their family and consider as most loyal dog breeds in a dog's world.

Beagle is the pack dogs and incredible in the sense of the smell. They are also one of the oldest dog breeds even these Irish dogs are very companion with the kids and can play the whole day with them. They are adorable and affectionate small Irish dogs.

Some interesting Facts: - Beagles do not feel shy and aggressive. Do not select any pet who shows these signs.

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#9. Kerry Blue Terrier (Irish Blue Terrier)

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Loyal, Good Nature, and Happy Dog

Kerry Blue Terrier or Irish Blue Terrier they are known for both the names these Irish dog breeds is a human pack dog who loves to play with the peoples and the kids. However, Kerry blue terrier bred for help in farming and hunting they are very energetic Irish dogs.

Irish blue terrier behaves well around the kids of all age, and even they don't harm if they get bored, especially to kids. However, these affectionate dogs are independent dogs and a little harder to train them. You have to approach positive reinforcement and treat to motivate while teaching it helps you a lot.

Some interesting facts: - If Irish Blue Terrier is puppies, their ears stitch with glue to maintain the proper the shape of the ears.

#10. Irish Lurcher

Irish dog breeds, Irish dogs

Lifespan: - 10 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Gentle, Energetic and Calm

Irish Lurcher is also known as "Poacher's Dog," and these Irish dogs are the mixes of many breeds such as Greyhound, Saluki, Border Collie, Irish wolfhounds, and many others. These dogs bred for as a working dog.

However, Lurcher like a long walk daily wise and free run in the big backyard these dogs are energetic, active, and highly intelligent in Irish dog breeds. These dogs are independent thinker but can learn good necessary dog behavior.

Positive reinforcement should have to use while training if possible, start socialization in their puppyhood, and even they are kid-friendly dogs.

Some interesting facts: - Irish Lurcher is good tall dogs who initially bred for working dogs, but mostly they used as hunting purpose because of their personality.


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