[2023] Asian Dog Breeds List - Top 14 Most Popular Asian Dogs Group

Asian Dog Breeds Group

Asian Dog Breeds, Asian dogs
Asia is the largest and populous continent of the earth. There are numerous religions, and many different languages are spoken among them and also, some animals only located in this broad continent of the world.

But here we explore the Asian dog breeds who are most popular in different countries of the world. Most of these Asian dogs are represented in different groups such as toy dog representative species, fluffy dog breeds, fastest dog breeds, black and white dog breeds.

There are many small, medium and large dog breeds who have their personality and attitude. Some of them are highly intelligent Asian dogs, and few are devoted, playful.

Some Asian dog breeds are independent dogs but can be trainable if they give early socialization and training. If possible, grow them with other house small pets to make good friendly bond.

Do American dog breeds originate in Asian Countries?

Royal Society of Biological Sciences published the report in 2013 that some of the American dog breeds share their DNA with the Asian dog breeds Including Mexican hairless dog and Chihuahua. 

Top 14 Most Popular Group of Asian Dogs

  • Chinese Dog Breeds
  • Japanese Dog Breeds
  • Korean Dog Breeds
  • Afghan Dog Breeds
  • Indian Dog Breeds    
  • Pakistani Dog Breeds   
  • Sri Lankan Dog Breeds  
  • Indonesian Dog Breeds
  • Tibetan Dog Breeds
  • Iranian Dog Breeds 
  • Kyrgyzstan dog breeds
  • Malaysian Dog Breeds   
  • Thai Dog Breeds 
  • Vietnamese Dog Breeds

#1. Chinese Dog Breeds

Shar Pei

Asian dog breeds,  Asian dogs

Lifespan: - 9 to 11 Years

Temperament: - Smart, Powerful and Loyal

Shai-Pai is a big muscular or broad body with lousy skin appearance like "hippopotamus," and their ears are triangular, eyes are small with an expression of scowling. Shar-Pai looks like Dumbo but isn't.

These Chinese dog breeds are brilliant, powerful, and loyal dogs to their owner but suspicious to other dogs and strangers. They are excellent watchdogs for the family and love to protect their owner. Early socialization and training are mandatory to these Chinese dogs.

Some Interesting facts: - No other dogs have Shar-Pai kinds of coat, and the Shar-Pai means" Sand Skin" but mostly referred to as like sand pepper coat.

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Chow Chow

Lifespan: - 9 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Independent and Watchdog

Chow Chow is a medium-size dog in Chinese dog breeds. They are known for their unique tongue color, which is blue-black color. They can become guard and watchdog to the family & can protect from the threat.

But they sometimes can't understand what threat is and what is normal so early socialization and training is compulsory to them from childhood. Even Chow Chow become a good friend with the kids if they get proper training, but they don't have a hugging attitude.

Some Interesting facts: - If chow chow puppies are born their tongue is of pink color. When time goes to around half a year above, then it will darken to a blue-black color. This medium is one of the traits of chow chow.

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Lifespan: - 12 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Dedication, Patient and Playful

Pug who doesn't know these most popular Chinese dogs. They have square, muscular shape well-developed body and comes in fawn & black color, but these Chinese dog breeds are most popular in western countries.

Pugs are the playful, smart, and load of naughtiness attitude. They are good with strangers, and kids can be easily trainable. But if they don't get proper time and socialization so they can be aggressive toward others and needs a daily walk.

Some Interesting facts: - Pugs are one of the ancient dog breeds. the researcher has been found the pugs sculpin Buddhist monarchies and they are also "Royal dogs Breeds."

#2. Japanese Dog Breeds


Asian dog breeds, Asian dogs

Lifespan: - 10 to 13 Years

Temperament: - Powerful, Independent and Fearless

Akita originates from a snowy region of Japan, so hence they were known as "Snow Country Dogs". Akita further divided into two types one is American Akita another is Japanese Akita. American Akita called as only Akita, but Japanese Akita is known as Akita Inu.

Akita bred for hunting purpose as they fearless, powerful and intelligent dogs. Akita is also a loyal companion to the family may you heard the story of Hachiko dog name of Akita.

These Japanese dog breeds are a good family companion but require early training and socialization to stay good with children. Akita is aloof to strangers but not that much aggressive, initial training can make them an excellent family pet.

Some interesting facts: - Akita Inu designated as one of 7th national monument of Japan and Japanese Akita is lighter than the American Akita.


Lifespan: - 11 to 13 Years

Temperament: - Intelligent, Loyal and Active

Hokkaido is the rarest breed in the world and in Japan there are almost 12000 dogs only. You can think about how old are these breeds. It believed that Hokkaido is descendent of Matagi-Ken dog, but initially, no one knows where these Japanese dog breeds come.

Hokkaido is an energetic and active dog who loves to busy they can become a good playmate for kids even they are tolerant and sit quietly with the children. Hokkaido is quick learner & daily exercise is needed, but these breeds are not suitable for novice owners as they need confident firm leadership.

Some interesting facts: - These breeds were given an official name in 1937 as "Hokkaido-Inu". Hokkaido recognized in UKC in 1996 and given the title as Ainu, but later in 2008, the name was updated as same.

Japanese Spitz

Lifespan: - 12 to 14 Years

Temperament: - Loyal, Obedient and Active

These Japanese dogs are big pack in small size; they are white fluffy dogs who are very loyal & devoted to their family. Japanese Spitz looks almost similar to Samoyed and American Eskimo. Hence these breeds are yet not recognized by AKC but registered in other kennel clubs such as American Canine Registry, American Pet Registry and more.

Japanese Spitz also recognized in world nation clubs like UKC, CKC and FCI. They are a breed for a family companion dog, even Japanese Spitz suitable for apartments with minimal exercise and a good playmate for children.

Some interesting facts: - Japanese Spitz First bred in the 1920s and became popular in 1950s. But AKC not yet recognized these fluffy white dog breeds except other Kennel Clubs and all Japanese Spitz comes in only white color.

#3. Korean Dog Breeds

Korean Jindo

Asian dog breeds, Korean dog breeds

Lifespan: - 12 to 14 Years

Temperament: - Faithful, Protective and Loyal

Korean Jindo is an excellent watchdog and can easily distinguish between good and a wrong person. Jindo originates from the island of South Korea. Who given the same name and bred for hunting such as rabbits, wild boar, and deer.

Korean Jindo is a protective, and loyal dog breeds they particular attached to one master and do anything for their owner. But inexperience owners can face difficulty to maintain these Korean dogs.

Even Korean Jindo is a kid-friendly dog, but they need proper training and socialization to behave well with strangers and other pets. Sometimes they become stubborn but can be trained with firm leadership and positive coaching.

Some interesting facts: - Since 2008, Korean Jindo has kept in the Foundation Stock Service by American Kennel Club (AKC).


Lifespan: - 12 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Bravery, Fearless and Loyal

Pungsan or Phungsan is even known as Poongsan. They have a muscular, broad body which makes him a good guard dog for territory. Pungsan dogs are the rarest breed in native Korean dogs as compared to Jindo and Sapsali.

Pungsan looks similar to Jindo dog, but they are a large-sized dog breed and a brave or loyal dog. Pungsan doesn't like to involve with other pets like cats and rabbits but can be with other dogs if they get to socialize with them from an early age.

Some interesting facts: - Dangyol and Jaju are the two Pungsan dogs who are well popular. Because the former President of North Korea gifted these two Pungsan dogs to former President of South Korea in 2000.

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Lifespan: - 10 to 12 Years

Temperament: - Devoted, Intelligent and Protective

These Korean dog breeds also called as Saprasee. The meaning of the name is "One that roots out evil spirits", and it explains as "Ghost Dog." Sapsali considers as good fortune in Korea and raised or kept hundreds of years.

Sapsali is an excellent companion dog and loyal to their family or master, they are incredibly devoted and even protect if any circumstance occurs. Sapsali is a good playmate dog for the children who are decent aggressive dog and can be good with strangers if his master feels comfortable with them.

They enjoy social activity and training so it can help the owners to train them efficiently. It recommends to use positive reinforcement training to avoid bad behavior and can become a good companion dog.

Some interesting facts: - Korean Peoples believe the Sapsali is a sign of good fortune and can get rid of evil spirits. Even they are one of the oldest dog breeds of Korea since 34BC.

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#4. Afghan Dog Breeds

Afghan Hound

Asian dog breeds, Asian breeds

Lifespan: - 12 to 14 Years

Temperament: - Confident, Aloof and Independent

Afghan hound comes in many varieties of colors but mostly saw in cream and white color. They are a good attention grabber of their owner and can usually good with the kids.

However, if they hurt someone, it can't be sure that hound doesn't do anything, and these big Asian dog breeds are shy. So hence, they are not that much friendly compare to other Asian dogs.
Afghan hounds are independent dogs who come in the stubborn category. The training might be a little difficult and need the patient to socialize the hound. They require positive teaching techniques to train them.

Some interesting facts: - Afghan hounds are the ancient dog breeds in the world, and even the fastest dog breeds come from the sighthound family. Moreover, they are timid & sensitive Asian dogs.

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Kuchi or Afghan Shepherd

Lifespan: - 12 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Loyal, Devoted and Courageous

Afghan Shepherd has many names such as Kuchi, Central Asian Shepherd, Central Asian Ovtcharka, Alabi, CAO, and Aziat. They are the giant size with a muscular body, and dominant dogs can be a hunt to big predators. Their origins have found in many countries like Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and even in Russia.

Kuchi is one of the oldest Asian dog breeds which date back to 5000 years. They are extremely devoted to their family and protective dogs. Afghan Shepherd is easy going with kids, and they know how to behave with the children.

However, they are varying with the strangers can be aloof to them. Kuchi is highly intelligent dogs and quick learner, which makes them easy to train, but they need assurance you are the leader of the pack.

Some interesting facts: - Afghan Shepherd is a fearless dog who keeps the power to hunt large predators.

#5. Indian Dog Breeds    

Mudhol or Caravan Hound

Asian dog breeds, Cute asian

Lifespan: - 13 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Trainable, Loyal and Devoted

These Asian dog breeds originated in India's Deccan Plateau. Afghanis and Arabia introduce them; hence, they consider the direct descendent of Saluki and Tazi. Mudhol hound known as Caravan hound in British countries.

They bred for hunting and guarding of family or territory. The Indian Army using these dogs in border surveillance. Mudhol Hound is devoted to their master and doesn't like to touch any other person.

They can adopt any weather condition and can be fit for apartments too. But caravan hound needs plenty of exercise and socialization if they don't get their require needs it can lead to a destructive or fierce dog.

Some interesting facts: - Mudhol Hound yet not recognized by AKC but they registered in Kennel Club India (KCI) as Caravan Hound and Indian National Kennel Club (INKC) as Mudhol Hound.

Rampur Greyhound

Lifespan: - 13 to 14 years

Temperament: - Loyal, Intelligent and Alert

Rampur Greyhound originated in northern India of Rampur region by Nawab of Rampur Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur by combining Afghan Hound, Tazi and English Greyhound. As he needed the fierce and hunting dog for his companion.

Rampur hound has a similar appearance of Greyhound, and their sight is magnificent who can see at a vision of 270 degrees. They can make a strong bond for his master and can do anything for him.

Even Rampur Hound is kid-friendly but not with other dogs and small pets as of his high prey drive. They are aloof to strangers and require consistent training and socialization to do well with others,

Some interesting facts: - Rampur Hound bred to hunt wild boars and even big players like Lions, Panthers, Leopards and Tigers.

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#6. Pakistani Dog Breeds   

Bully Kutta

Asian dog breeds, Asian dog

Lifespan: - 10 to 12 Years

Temperament: - Protective, Aggressive and Powerful

Bully Kutta is originated in the desert of Kutch and even found some origins in southern India. They are also known as Pakistani Mastiff, Indian Mastiff and Bully. The name of these Asian dog breeds is deriving from the Sindhi language, which means "Highly Wrinkled".

Unfortunately, they mostly used for bullbaiting in Pakistan, which is illegal and banned. These Asian dogs are extremely protective of their owner, and they are giant dogs, which makes them excellent guard dogs.

Bully Kutta can become good family companion dog if they train and socialize from an early age. They are aggressive breed towards strangers but can obey the order if they give the required training.

Some interesting facts: - Bully Kutta is also known as Beast Dog formerly, they bred to hunt, but they used for "Bull Baiting."

#7. Sri Lankan Dog Breeds  

Sinhala Hound

Asian dog breeds, Asian dogs

Lifespan: - 10 to 12 Years

Temperament: - Alert, Obedient and Searching Dog

Sinhala hound or Sinhalese hound is a Sri Lankan dog and also find some part of India. These Asian dog breeds having an appearance like Basenji, Dingo and Kadar Dog. They are notable searching dogs in Sri Lanka and dated back to 4500B.C.

Unfortunately, Sinhala Hound didn't get the much popularity then the other dogs so we can't say exact temperament, loyalty, and training of these dogs.

Some interesting facts: - Vedda peoples used these Asian dogs for hunting purpose and give these Asian breeds to daughter's marriage.

#8. Indonesian Dog Breeds


Asian dog breeds, Asian dogs

Lifespan: - 10 to 14 Years

Temperament: - Playful, Active and Curious

Kintamani Dog is most prevalent in Indonesia but not in the United States Because of their similarity to Samoyed and American Eskimo dogs. They are medium to small size spitz-type Asian dogs.

Kintamani is best suitable for domestic dogs and extremely friendly with kids, but they chase to cats and small pets. They can be some time aggressive if they notice any threat or suspicious activity by strangers. It makes them excellent watchdogs.

Some interesting facts: - Kintamani is the only breed from Indonesia who has International recognition and a pure breed.

#9. Tibetan Dog Breeds

Tibetan Mastiff

Asian dog breeds, Asian dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Devoted, Kid-Friendly, Quick Learner and Extremely Intelligent

Tibetan Mastiff is a great fluffy Tibetan dog breeds in our list. They are supreme guardian dogs, devoted to family and can secure your territory. The coat of this big fluffy dogs is long curly, smooth, and beautiful hairs.

They do not require lots of exercises, and just moderate is enough. Tibetan mastiff is a quick learner and extremely intelligent. They do not repeat things what they know very well.

Some Interesting facts: - No other pets or dogs mess with Tibetan Mastiff, because they look like aggressive, anger and powerful. But he is devoted to his family and extremely friendly with the kids.

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#10. Iranian Dog Breeds 


Asian dog breeds, Asian dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 14 Years

Temperament: - Fast, Smart and Playful

Saluki is also known as Persian Greyhound, and these Asian dog breeds are the 2nd fastest dogs in the world.  The race of dogs occurs in many countries of the world, and Saluki used for racing dogs. These Iranian dog breeds are slim, deep & narrow chest and long neck.

Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds. This breed is local to the so-referred to as Cradle of Civilization, the area this is now Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Africa, Syria, and Palestine. Some expert founds the images of Persian Greyhound on the Ancient Egyptian Tombs.

Some interesting facts: - American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized these dog breed, and they first brought in 1840 in England.

#11. Kyrgyzstan Dog Breeds


Asian dog breeds,  Asian dogs

Lifespan: - 11 to 13 Years

Temperament: - Independent, Vigilant and Intelligent

Taigan dog is highly intelligent and a super-fast sighthound dog. They share their genetic with the sighthound breeds such as Afghan Hound, Saluki, Sloughi, and Azawakh but initially, no one exactly knows how they existed.

Taigan is a gentle dog breed who friendly with everyone and don't harm intentionally to anybody. But they are a right guard and watchdogs because they bred to hunting and guarding purpose.

They chase to small pets but can be friendly if Taigan dog gets early socialization and training. They are independent dogs but not stubborn kind of dogs Taigan like to enjoy and respond to training.

Some interesting facts: - Taigan dogs come in separate breeds, but they are easy to train. However, still, These Asian dog breeds are not recognized by AKC and FCI.

#12. Malaysian Dog Breeds   


Asian dog breeds, Asian dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Intelligent, Playful and Active

Telomian is the only native dog of Malaysia who found outside of his country, mostly in the USA. Telomian dogs are bred for hunting and controlling the pests or vermin to secure the village peoples territory.

Telomian dogs love to climb and to roll on mud, and mostly you found them sitting on the top. They are good watchdogs, but early training is required to control them by their natural playful behavior. Telomian can become kid-friendly dog if grow them both from puppyhood but not for small pets.

Some interesting facts: - Telomian is athletic dogs by birth; they climb the ladders or mountains from their puppyhood because they are survival mountain dogs.

#13. Thai Dog Breeds 

Thai Ridgeback

Asian dog breeds, Cute asian

Lifespan: - 12 to 13 Years

Temperament: - Loyal, Protective and Independent

Thai Ridgeback is a medium-sized Asian dog breeds with a muscular body. It believed the origin of Thai Ridgeback isolated from Eastern Thailand around 4000 years back. They are a decedent of extinct dog known as Hottentot dog. Thai Ridgeback bred to hunt, guard and working breed.

Thai Ridgeback can be a good family companion if they give proper socialization and early training. They are incredibly loyal to their family and can protect them from any threat. Thai Ridgeback is good with the children and can be a protective playmate for them.

Some interesting facts: - Thai Ridgeback has one remarkable feature is its blueish color tongue like Chow Chow. Even they can kill to Cobras.

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#14. Vietnamese Dog Breeds

Phu Quoc Ridgeback

Asian dog breeds, Asian dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 16 Years

Temperament: - Easy to Train, Brave and Strong

Phu Quoc Ridgeback is one the rarest dog breeds in the world among ridgeback breed other two are Thai Ridgeback and Rhodesian Ridgeback. These Asian dogs recognized in Vietnamese Kennel Club around 700 only.

They got the name from Phu Quoc Island in Vietnamese where these Asian dog breeds originated. Phu Quoc Ridgeback is highly intelligent breeds and fast swimmer than to other dogs. They love climbing and chasing or running.

These dogs are easy to train and socialize they love to be taught and learn new things by their owner. Even Phu Quoc Ridgeback is the right dog for your kid, and they are also protective and watchdogs to the family.

Some interesting facts: - The Title of Hanoi Dog Show in 2013 won by Phu Quoc Ridgeback dog. Even they were select as the mascot for annual Nguyen Hue Flower show in 2018.


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Given that Asia has a long history of culture and is presently home to roughly 60% of the world's population, it should come as no surprise that this region is also the birthplace of some of the most adored dog breeds. In spite of the fact that the origin of domesticated dogs is still up for question, current research suggests that ancient Southeast Asia may have been the birthplace of these domestic pets. Before spreading to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, they may have been domesticated there some 33,000 years ago, according to research.