Italian Dog Breeds List - Top 10 Fascinating Italy Dog Breeds

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Italian Dog Breeds – Top 10 list of Dog breeds from Italy

Italian Dog Breeds List, Italy Dog Breeds
Italian Dog Breeds

Madison Guthrie introduces our favourite Italian dog breeds, which started out residing la Dolce Vita in lovely Italy.

In case you’re like us, then while you think of Italy, you suspect of the 3 P’s: pizza, Pasta, and puppies.
That’s right.
Italy is home to a superb collection of majestic dog breeds, some of which might be taken into consideration rare while others have a noble ancestry that is going back centuries.

From the royal breeds to the hardest running strains, here is a list of our pinnacle ten favourite dogs from Italy.

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1.    The Bolognese

Italian Dog Breeds List, Italy Dog Breeds
View of Bolognese

Origins Italy

The Bolognese, named after a town in Northern Italy referred to as Bologna, is a historic Italian breed with good roots tying him to Italian the Aristocracy.

Small and white, this breed’s closest relative is assumed to be the Maltese, who is also an Italian Native.

The Bolognese’s life can trace returned as ways because the 17th century, where he can visibly depict in early tapestry paintings.

Small in size and quite frankly cute, this breed turned into used generally as a companion dog for royalty.

Bolognese Personality & Temperament

The Bolognese is a small toy breed in the Bichon own family. He has a white coat; this described as fluffy and barely curled. As he does now not shed, this from time to time makes him a tolerable partner for allergy sufferers.

He loves attention and makes an exquisite accomplice canine. In reality, this little pup is said to broaden a powerful bond together with his family members.

This medium is a wholly active and social small Italian breed who gets along correctly with other puppies of all sizes and styles. The Bolognese is known to act pup like as much as old age, that is a plus for lively households.

Mostly locate Today

Dwelling the existence of Riley as a cherished friend. Even though this is an unusual breed these days, the Bolognese is valued frequently as a partner puppy.

He is loveable and surprisingly loved by using the ones who have had the privilege of owning him.

Health Problems and Lifespan

The Bolognese lifespan - 12 to 14 years. 

He's a tremendously healthy breed, but due to the fact he's of the Bichon type, potential owners have to watch for problems which include pancreatitis, persistent allergies, epilepsy, cataracts, innovative retinal atrophy, ear infections, luxating patella, heart disease, urinary stones, and diabetes.

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2.    Italian Greyhound

Italian Dog Breeds List, Italy Dog Breeds
View of Italian Greyhound

Origins Italy

This miniature greyhound belongs to the Sighthound family and is now and again called ‘The Italian,’ ‘IG,’ or ‘Iggy’ for quick.

The Italian Greyhound is assumed to have originated in early Greece and Turkey more than 2,000 years in the past. Even though the Italian Greyhound become used for hunting purposes, he changed into typically coveted as a companion dog for royalty.

He became a favourite breed of Italians all through the 16th century and was in such high demand that overzealous breeders started trying to make him smaller by way of breeding him with other dogs.

Alas, this exercise brought about foremost deformities and health problems within the breed, accordingly central to his close to extinction.

Luckily, a small institution of breeders changed into able to come together and produce the Italian Greyhound again to his regular, healthful well-known.

What Makes Them notable

The Italian Greyhound is the smallest and tiny of the sighthounds. As referred to above, this changed into achieved purposefully by selective breeding. He has a short, vibrant coat that does shed from time to time.

The Italian Greyhound love to running and he is known to be smart, quick, and athletic. For this reason, daily exercise is needed to hold him glad and wholesome.

Due to the Italian Greyhound’s sighthound genetics, he has a high predator power and has been recognized to take off at lightning pace to chase after small animals including squirrels and rabbits.

Where You’ll locate Him Now

If he’s not chasing something, he’ll be proper by his proprietor’s facet. Small and agile, the Italian Greyhound makes an excellent companion canine and carefully enjoys human beings.

But, he's tiny and fragile. Because of this, he isn't always recommended for households with smaller children, as he has to treat with care.

Health Problems and Lifespan

The Italian Greyhound lifespan - 12-15 years.

Health problems concerns most commonly said inside the dog breed are vitreous degeneration, epilepsy, patellar luxation, Legg-Perthes ailment, von Willebrand’s ailment, liver shunts, leg breaks, cataracts, autoimmune hemolytic anaemia, colouration dilution alopecia, periodontal disease, hypothyroidism, and revolutionary retinal atrophy.

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3.    Cane Corso

Italian Dog Breeds List, Italy Dog Breeds
View of Cane Corso

Roots Italy

This card-carrying big Italian dog breed is also called the Italian Mastiff, and he is a renowned guard canine.

While the breed becomes founded, they most usually are located on rural farms, in which his primary activity was to shield property, livestock, and his family members.

The Cane Corso became unusual around the 20th century as existence on farms began to change, and his services had been now not required. Luckily, a group of Cane Corso enthusiasts becomes able to get better the breed and rescue it from near extinction.

The Cane Corso turned into formally diagnosed by using the American Kennel membership (AKC) in 2010.

How To Do Spot One

As stated above, the Cane Corso is a part of the Mastiff family. This medium is a large Italian dog breed, with adult males weighing as a lot as 110 pounds.

He is muscularly constructed, though he is said to be much less bulky than most other mastiff breeds. The Cane Corso is clever and eager to please, which makes him easy to train in all aspects.

He is likewise acknowledged to be a calm, reserved, and as an alternative a quiet breed.
He has small hair that lays down flat and sheds seasonally day by day. Some proprietors clip the breed’s ears, although that is considered to be an old exercise.

The Cane Corso has floppy ears like the ones of a Labrador.

Modern Role

The Cane Corso has lately found his reputation increasing within the US.
In truth, he presently sits at range 40 out of 192 on the AKC’s list of Most popular dog breeds.

He is mainly used as an associate dog in recent times and is said to make a perfect pup as long as early socialization and obedience training appropriately utilized.

It’s essential to take into account that because this dog becomes bred for guarding he can be territorial, possessive, and dominant. He may also be wary of strangers.

Nevertheless, that is a sensitive breed who's recognized to do nicely with families as long as his training and socializing are applied early on.

Health Problems and Lifespan

The Cane Corso lifespan - 9 to 12 years.

Like every large breed, he may be at risk of hip dysplasia. The race is also prone to demodectic mange, eyelid entropion or ectropion and bloat.

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4.    Lagotto Romagnolo

Italian Dog Breeds List, Italy Dog Breeds
View of Lagotto Romagnolo

Roots Roman

Also known as the ‘Romagna Water Dog,’ or the ‘Water dog of Romagna,’ this medium Italian dog breed dates again to medieval instances.

That is an operating dog who turned into more often than not bred for water retrieving. However, Lagotto Romagnolo becomes also applied for keen nostril, searching out desserts on an expansion of rough terrain.

It's also believed that the contemporary water retrieving dogs descended from this precise breed.

What You Get

The Lagotto Romagnolo can be small to medium in size and has a variable appearance.
He has floppy ears and large eyes and a thick coat that is incredible for protecting him in cold water conditions.

His coat can be curly or flat and is low- or non-dropping. His intelligence makes him smooth to educate and train he is recognized to be a dependable associate, attentive who's affectionate and playful.

However, he can be wary of strangers, so early socialization is fundamental.

The main role nowadays

The Lagotto Romagnolo does nicely in the display; however, is in general utilized as an own family partner.

Like most dogs with an operating heritage, this puppy nonetheless has bundles of power and fits in first-rate with households who can offer round hours of exercising a day.

You’ll also find him gracing the primary image for this article with his photogenic correctly appears.

Health Problems and Lifespan

The Lagotto Romagnolo lifespan - 15 to 17 years.

He has very few troubles however can be at risk of hip dysplasia and juvenile epilepsy.

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5.    Maltese

White Dog Breeds List, Italy Dog Breeds
View of Maltese

Origin Europe

The Maltese, an ancient breed, bred explicitly for his small size.

He can’t claim pure Italian blood his ancestry includes puppies from Switzerland and throughout the significant Mediterranean location, together with Italy, and of the path, his namesake island Malta.

Interestingly, many believe this dog become as soon as used for rodent manage. However, that changed into before Maltese look and companionship have become coveted with the aid of noblewomen.

Maltese Pup As Pets

The Maltese a small white dog with a silky coat which could grow out very long if he well brushed and maintained. His coat can every so often be curly or wavy, in particular, if left brief.

The Maltese turned into bred broadly speaking as a partner canine so that they tend to be pleasant with households and stay lively and playful, while they grow antique.

They love their social circle of relatives members and could provide affection. That is a dog who likes to be along with his human beings all the time.

With that said, the Maltese were known to suffer separation anxiety, so consider this while leaving him by myself for long intervals.

The Contemporary Maltese

The stylish Maltese is a well-known accomplice dog who additionally excels in the display.
He does super with households and is adaptable to apartment existence because of his smaller length.

But, because he is a toy breed, we advise households with older children who're respectful of the Maltese’s size.

Health problems and Lifespan

With a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, the Maltese a quite healthful dog.

However, he's extra inclined than ordinary to White Shaker dog Syndrome, that is a severe neurological disease.

He can also be predisposed to collapsing trachea, deafness, pyloric stenosis, hypoglycemia, and liver shunt.

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6.    Neapolitan Mastiff

Italian Dog Breeds List, Italy Dog Breeds
View of Neapolitan Mastiff

Origin Italy

This sizeable Italian dog breed is closely associated with the Cane Corso and is some other defend canine of the Mastiff kind.

Like many Italian breeds, that is a historical dog who's high-quality acknowledged for protecting his circle of relatives and assets. He became extremely famous in Italy but became almost misplaced at some stage in world battle ll.

Neopolitan Mastiff Characteristics

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a vast and powerful dog, renowned for his daunting look and massive head. He protected in loose pores and skin with a short haired, brilliant coat.
Even though this dog may be fierce in look, he'll only bark if provoked.

He is intelligent and is known to be a quick learner, although he may have a cussed streak. He is obedient, dominant, and very shielding.

This large breed can weigh as an awful lot as 150 pounds, so an ability owner needs to put together for numerous canine and numerous drool. This large Italian canine breed has unfastened jowls, and he salivates while excited or after ingesting.

Notwithstanding his big size, the Neapolitan Mastiff isn't always very lively until he has to chase off an interloper, of the route.

Where You’ll locate Him Now

The Neapolitan Mastiff is in most cases used as a pup nowadays, but it needs to cite that due to his guarding history, early socialization and obedience training is a have to for this Italian breed.

He must be nicely socialized even as young, mainly if potential proprietors have kids.
Those puppies have natural guarding instincts and are very protective and huge.

Health problems and Lifespan

Like most large breeds, the Neapolitan Mastiff has a shorter lifespan - 7 to 9 years.

This Italian dog breed has an exceptionally extreme pain tolerance, so they advantage from common veterinary assessments to pick out problems they may not be letting on.

This Italian mastiff breed is liable to some particular fitness issues along with sebaceous adenitis, cherry eye, entropion, hip dysplasia, bloat, ectropion, elbow dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, progressive retinal atrophy, hypothyroidism, and pores and skin infections among their pores and skin fold referred to as pyoderma.

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7.    Bergamasco Sheepdog

Italian Dog Breeds list, Italy Dog Breeds
View of Bergamasco Sheepdog

History in Italy

A real Italian Dog breed, the Bergamasco Shepherd hailed from the Italian Alps near Bergamo and became in the beginning bred as a herding canine.

He became fire at looking over cattle and sheep, and it said that he would release with the farm animals and depended on to carry them back again with none human supervision.

Quality and Care

This Italian herding breed has a unique coat that develops thick mats.

This distinctive look has helped to protect him from the surroundings and predators. This felting is everyday and natural, so you’ll want a consultant groomer who is aware of a way to work with them.

Bergamasco Sheepdogs are a sensible canine who's alert, observant, and affected a person. Thanks to those features, he has terrific popularity with children too.

A 21st Century Bergamasco

This Italian Dog breed does correctly in display and is often nonetheless used to herd sheep. He sincerely is a mountain dog and enjoys being outside.

Because of this, he does fine with households who also want to be out of doors, and who've time to “paintings” him using masses of video games and training.

Health problems and Lifespan

Bergamasco Shepherd lifespan - 13 to 15 years.

They've some recognized health troubles, including eye problems, hip dysplasia, and bloat.

8.    Maremma Sheepdog

Italian Dog Breeds List, Italy Dog Breeds
View Of Maremma Sheepdog

Origin Italy

This sizeable Italian dog breed became bred to shield farm animals within the Abruzzo and Maremma place of Tuscany and Lazio. Real to his call, he turned into extensively utilized to guard sheep towards wolves.

Dog Characteristics

Maremma Sheepdog is a considerable dog breed with a muscular build and a thick white coat. Maremma is generally firm white and delicate to the touch.

The Maremma Sheepdog can weigh as a great deal as one hundred pounds and is relatively loyal with a quiet personality. He is likewise brilliant, making schooling a breeze.

This Italian sheepdog can be aloof with strangers. However, early socialization can help with this. He does end up very attached to his family individuals and may make an exceptional circle of relatives pet.

What’s He so far?

This Italian sheepdog is still very famous in Italy and used as a herding canine, especially in Abruzzo.

He is among the more magnificent exotic Italian dog breeds in America. However, there may be an active breeding community, especially among farm animals farmers. Thus far this dog’s paintings ethic is keeping him in which the movement is.

Health problems and Lifespan

The Maremma Sheepdog lifespan - 11 to 13 years and can be liable to slipped patellas, hip dysplasia, and achondroplasia.

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9.    Spinone Italiano

Italian Dog Breeds, Italy Dog Breeds
View of Spinone Italiano

Italy Backstory

The Spinone is a historic Italian dog breed that can be retracted as some distance as 500 BC within the Piedmont place of Italy.

Extra recently, the Spinone Italiano became bred to be a flexible gun dog and to at the moment continues to be used for that purpose.

What Makes Them Awesome

This Italian dog breed is medium to big and is known to have a  loving, relaxed, and dependable disposition. They have a wiry coat that lies near their body.

Spinone lovers shop the maximum compliments for their eyes, which they describe as human-like in their expressiveness. Spinone Italiano is a smooth going Italian breed who enjoys each human beings and different dogs.

He is also recognized to do very well with kids, as he's hugely affected pup and rarely aggressive.

The Main Role These Days

The Spinone Italiano remains used for the same cause he originally bred.
In truth, he's the most famous looking dog in Italy. He also makes an extraordinary own family dog.

Health problems and Lifespan

The Spinone Italiano lifespan - 12 to 14 years.

He can be at risk of hip dysplasia and ataxia.

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10.    Volpino Italiano

Italian Dog Breeds, Italy Dog Breeds
View of Volpino Italiano

Italy Ancestry

The Volpino Italiano is a Spitz-kind breed stated to had been in lifestyles as some distance returned as 4000 BC. This canine is small in size, but he's packed with braveness. In truth, he becomes initially used as a defend canine, alerting the bigger dogs of trouble.

This small Italian dog breed was also a companion canine, adored for hundreds of years by Italian noblewomen.

The Volpino Italiano is considered an extraordinary Italian dog breed in recent times, but he has been coming round again since the Eighties.

Volpino Characteristics

Volpino Italiano is a small Italian dog breed with a protracted, thick white coat and fox-like functions. They aren’t well known in the US at all, which means they’re much more likely to be unsuitable for an over-sized Pomeranian.

They are suitable natured, wise, affectionate, playful, and energetic. Thanks to their shield dog roots, these dogs are also very vocal and enjoys using their voice.

Their snowy white coat wishes pretty quite a few grooming to hold it immaculate, but happily, those happy lapdogs shouldn't put up too much of a fight on every occasion 1:1 attention involved.

Health problems and Lifespan

The Volpino Italiano lifespan - 14 to 16 years.

He can be predisposed to number one patellar luxation and lens luxation.

Searching an Italian Dog Breed Pup

Searching an Italian Dog breed from a good supplier is the most importance. As always, we propose doing lots of research earlier than making a decision wherein you get your Italian dog.

At the bottom of this newsletter, we’ve included hyperlinks to breed clubs for all our breeds in which they exist. Most encompass directories of breeders, and masses of useful resources to find a healthy, glad pup.

We’ve attempted to provide you with a concept of the health issues most commonly recognized in our favourite breeds.

A terrific breeder may be satisfied speak approximately those with you too, which include own family records of health troubles, and what screening checks they have got undertaken.

If you are seeking to get yourself an Italian breed from a breeder, be prepared to spend anywhere from $500 to over $1,000 depending at the race and the breeder.

Owning Italian Dog Breeds

Even though shelters carry all kind of breeds, searching the certain Italian race you're seeking out will hit or pass over, depending on what’s to had on the time you're looking.

Many shelters do incur adoption prices. However, they are regularly a fraction of what maximum breeder’s charge. You should prepare for most adoption expenses to be anywhere from $50-$200.

Any other gain of adopting from a refuge is that shelters usually cover the introductory vet prices, ensuring your Italian dog breed is adaptable and geared up for his for all time home.

Are Italian Dog is Right for You?

If you suppose one of the breeds on this list would be perfect in your household, then congratulations.

Italian dog breeds encompass some of the best running strains, steadfast guarding breeds, and most devoted companion dogs.

Anything sort of lifestyle you need to enjoy together, Italy has a beautiful dog for you.
Some, just like the Maltese, have already got a global reputation as great pets.

Others are lots less common outdoor Italy and her neighbouring nations, so you’re sure to get masses of fascinated questions while you exit collectively.

Don't forget, there are not any shortcuts to searching a healthful, well-raised puppy, so it'd take a little endurance to bring home one of the less common breeds on our listing.

But we assume any pup of them might be worth the wait.

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