[2023] Italian Dog Breeds List - Top 10 Fascinating Italian Dogs You Should Know

Italian Dog Breeds List

Italian Dog Breeds, Italian dogs

As you know there are many various dog breeds in the world, and some are very popular in spite of this here, we write on Italian dog breeds. These Italian dogs did not gain that much popularity, but some of them are well known.

These Italian dog breeds are excellent and calm nature, which is well with the owners. However, some of them are suspicious to strangers even they can be good with the kids if they get early socialization.

We gathered some Top 10 Popular Italian dog breeds, and few are ancient dog breeds too who tackled the verge of extinct. However, some Italian breeders saved this close extinct breed of disappears from this world.

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Top 10 Popular Italian Dogs

  • The Bolognese
  • Italian Greyhound
  • Cane Corso
  • Lagotto Romagnolo
  • Maltese
  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Bergamasco Sheepdog
  • Maremma Sheepdog
  • Spinone Italiano
  • Volpino Italiano

There are other many breeds of Italian dogs, but we only considered Top 10 List of Italy Dogs. So, don’t forget to read below’s significant article.

#1. The Bolognese

Italian dog breeds, Italian dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 14 Years

Temperament: - Playful, Loyal and Intelligent

The Bolognese originated from northern Italy, and they are very energetic, active and intelligent white Italian dog breeds. Bolognese loves to be with his family and enjoys for the walking as a faithful companion dog.

The Bolognese are non-shedding dogs because of their curl coats, and they are easy to train. However, the repetitive task will make bore to them give a variety of job in training so they will enjoy all the functions and social activity.

Moreover, they are good lapdogs for the ladies Bolognese are good social dogs and often wants to walk with their owner, which makes them a perfect companion white dog.

Some interesting facts: - the Bolognese is similar to bichon fries and belongs to the gun family they are easy to train and intelligent white fluffy dogs.

#2. Italian Greyhound

Italian dog breeds, Italian dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 15 Years

Temperament: - Affectionate, Elegant and Smart

Italian greyhounds are sensitive and playful Italian dogs they are exceptionally very good with the children. The popularity of the Italian greyhound is increasing day by day because they are small size dogs and very charming, affectionate & elegant.

The Italian greyhound is the calm and gentle temperament; they are loyal and protective dogs towards their family and shelter. So it’s made them the right dog for the family pet. Even Italian greyhound is an excellent watchdog for the family.

Some interesting facts: - Many queens of the nations were own the Italian greyhound. Some of them are Victoria II, Fredrich the Great, Royalty Mary Stuart, Queens Anne, and Catherine the Great.

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#3. Cane Corso

Italian dogs, Italian dog breeds list

Lifespan: - 9 to 12 Year

Temperament: - Obedient, Strong and Easygoing

Cane Corso is a big black Italian dog Breeds who also are working dog breed and them origins from Italy. Cane Corso is bred for hunting, protecting, and to guard properties. They are mighty with their large, muscular body and they also known as Italian Mastiff, Cane Di Macellaio and Cane Corso Italiano.

Cane Corso will become fierce dog sometime because of any harsh and suspicious activity surround him. They are good with their owners and children’s if they give them early socialization and moderate training.

These black dog breeds are not suitable for a first-time pet owner because one should know the initial handling and care of the dog.

Some interesting facts: - The famous Italian illustrator and engraver of all time Bartolomeo Pinelli once has painted Cane Corso’s painting.

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#4. Lagotto Romagnolo

Italian water dog, Italian dog breeds

Lifespan: - 15 to 17 Years

Temperament: - Devoted, Gentle and Entertain

The Lagotto Romagnolo is extremally companioning Italian dog breeds towards family and they are adorable and innocent Italian dogs. The Lagotto Romagnolo meaning is “lake dog from Romagnolo.” They are also known as Romagna water dogs and Italian water dogs.

Lagotto Romagnolo’s nose has excellent power of smelling compare to other dogs, which makes them a unique breed. They are exceptionally well with the children and loves to be entertain.

Some interesting facts: - These Italian dog breeds faced the verge of extinction in the 1970s. However, the Italian dog’s lovers saved the Lagotto Romagnolo from destruction and gave these elegant white dogs to the new generation.

#5. Maltese

Italian dog breeds, Italian dogs

Lifespan: - 15-18 years

Temperament: - Affectionate, Intelligent and Trusting

Maltese is an adorable popular small Italian dog breeds which also recognize as toy dog representative species. They initially originated in Malta, Italy but the exact breed of this white Italian dogs yet it’s not clear. Maltese once called as “Ye Historic Dogge of Malta.”

They are smart, intelligent, and very friendly with the kids and even lavish lapdogs for the ladies. These toy dog didn’t require a long session of training and exercise, but the regular socialization with the tendency is necessary.

Some interesting facts: - As Maltese are a good companion dog and excellent looks in photography’s so hence. They are prevalent among celebrities. Some are Heather Locklear, Eva Longoria and, Halle Berry.

#6. Neapolitan Mastiff

Italian dog breeds, Italian dogs

Lifespan: - 8 to 10 Years

Temperament: - Watchful, Protective and Friendly

Neapolitan mastiff is a giant Italian dog breeds who bred initially to protect the territory from an intruder. They have a broadhead with the muscular body, which makes them scary for intruders, but Neapolitan mastiff is extremely friendly with the family and kids.

They require early training and socialization to engage with the strangers because they didn’t like if anyone interferes in his family. Neapolitan mastiff is loyal and devoted towards their family but for others, it might be suspicious.

They are independent and stubborn nature requires much patience to train these giant Italian dogs, but they are perfect guard dogs for the family.

Some interesting facts: - In 2005, Named Tia broke of Neapolitan mastiff who set the world record by giving the birth to 24 litters.

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#7. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Italian dogs, Italian dog breeds

Lifespan: - 13 to 15 Years

Temperament: - intelligent, patient and Determined

Bergamasco Sheepdog is one of the ancient dog breeds who initially bred for the guarding of the sheep at high mountain hills. Because they produce like sheep to protect them any danger. Bergamasco sheepdog is excellent watchdogs who are very friendly with kids if they grow them along, and they also used as therapy dogs for differently disable children.

These Italian dog breeds come to extinct after world war I and II because the vast demand decreased in wools and many others. However, thanks to Dr. Maria Andreoli, who is an Italian dog breeder who took the Bergamasco sheepdog with her in the 1960s and saved these Ancient Italian breeds.

They are not suitable for an apartment because Bergamasco is a large dog breed who need a big backyard to fulfill their training and socialization to enhance.

Some interesting facts: - They had never known as “Bergs or Bergies.” however the original name of this breed is “Pastore de Bergamasco.” and if they once wet its take roughly 8 hours to dry their coats.

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#8. Maremma Sheepdog

Italian dogs, Italian dog breeds

Lifespan: - 11 to 13 Years

Temperament: - Good Nature, Protective and Aloof

Very few peoples know this Italian dog breeds Maremma sheepdog who mostly famous in Maremma and Abruzzes place of Lazio and Tuscany. These breeds also produced for guarding to sheep from the fox or other animals. They can significantly weight up to 100 pounds.

Their nature is friendly with the family, but suspicions for strangers early training and socialization is mandatory to these dogs. With a positive and calm attitude even they are independent dogs. Their look is the large, muscular body and the head looks like the beers.

Some interesting facts: - Before 1860, In Maremma and Abruzzes No one got the clarity that the breed who is a working dog is the same breed having in both cities.

#9. Spinone Italiano

Italian dog breeds, Italian dogs

Lifespan: - 12 to 14 Years

Temperament: - Loyal, Docile and Kid Friendly

These Italian dogs are patient, silent, and calm in nature and very devoted to their family and extremely affectionate with a great sense of humor. If you are jogging lover, so these breeds are for you. Spinone Italiano love to walk with the owners.

Even they are well with children and an excellent watchdog but not a guard or protective dogs. They are docile and calm in nature but smart and active dogs; however, they also an independent dog which makes them stubborn while training.

Some interesting facts: - These Italian dog breeds registered in AKC’s breed list of 146th among 155th in 2000 and they assigned in the designation of the sporting group.

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#10. Volpino Italiano

Italian dog breeds, Italian dogs

Lifespan: - 14 to 16 Years

Temperament: - Playful, Loyal and Charming

Volpino Italiano is a small white Italian dog breeds who almost similar to American Eskimo Dog and Pomeranian. These dogs are very energetic and family companion who love to stay with their owner and have a great bond to them.

Volpino Italiano mostly keeps the pets by Royal ladies for their laps and their looks, which can attract and grab the attention of others. They are best known as lapdogs, which is exceptionally loving and affectionate Italian dogs, but they are aloof with strangers.

Some interesting facts: - Volpino Italiano appearance is almost as a fox. So hence their name Volpino derived from Latin word “Vulpes” and these are one of the rare breeds approximate 3000 dogs in the world most of finding in Italy.


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