How Long Do Dogs Stay In Heat - Dog Heat Cycle

How long do Dogs stay in Heat?

How long do dogs stay in heat,  how long does a dog stay in heat

"How long does a dog stay in heat?" Every dog owner wants the answer for this most commonly asked question from a veterinarian. It's imperative to know the duration of female dogs in heat.

The crucial periods of female dogs in heat are necessary to know by their owner. It helps to maintain the dog's health and also makes your pooch more comfortable in their reproductive cycle. 

Every dog lover's must should have the concern to educate themselves about female dog's heat. So, one can judge any female dog if she suffers their heat cycle and wants care to stay healthy. Read more to know how long do dogs stay in heat.

How many days does a dog stay in heat?

how long do dogs stay in heat,  how long does a dog stay in heat

Dog heat cycle occurs two times in a year for small dog breeds on every six months, but sometimes it starts in 5 months. Large dog breeds suffer from heat once in a year and can starts in 18 months also.

 The researcher observes the months in which the dog heat cycle occurs most is January & march and august to October. It also varies on different dog breeds and their size but lasts for 2 to 4 weeks that's the perfect answer for how long do dogs stay in heat.

What is the fine age to Reproduce a female dog in heat?

how long do dogs stay in heat,  how long are dogs in heat

Every non-spayed female dogs go into heat, but Small dogs go twice, and large dogs go once in a year it differs on dogs to dogs and their sizes. If you are planning to breed your female dog in heat, you will need to know a dog heat cycle to make perfect breeding time.

If you intend not to breed your pooch, it's crucial to spay before she's first heat course of action. This medium will help for no unwanted puppies and end the estrus cycle in your female burry. If you are interested in breeding your female dog so here is the thing you must to know.

The Four-Stage of dog Estrus Cycle

how long do dogs stay in heat, how long is a dog in heat

Proestrus: - This is the first stage of a female dog in heat during this cycle your dog's vulva will swallow and accompanied by dog bleeds means "bloody vaginal discharge". Their behaviour will change than usual and not interested inbreeding.

Length: - 1 to 3 weeks

Estrus: - During this stage, the dogs will perfect ready for breeding and shows various signs for receptive to male dogs such as tail flagging. The bloody vaginal discharge may change to yellow vaginal discharge, and she makes her fertile in this cycle to mate.

Length: - 1 to 2 week

Diestrus: - This stage is also known as "Metestrus" the female dogs are no longer interested in receptive to dogs. Swallow vulva will shrink slowly & back to standard size and also the dog bleeds will go away.

During the stage, your dog can act like pregnant but sometimes isn't so its recommended to ensure with your vet of pregnancy check-up. 

Length: - 8 to 9 weeks (Pregnancy period)

Anestrus: - Final stage of the estrus cycle, the female dogs, get back to normal behaviour and its last for next dog heat cycle after diestrus. So, it's essential to observe the symptoms of heat in your dogs.

All the points are above mention will help you out for a better understanding of how long do dogs stay in heat and if you intend to breed a female dog in heat.

What are the symptoms that your dog goes into heat?

how long does a dog stay in heat, how many days does a dog stay in heat

If your female dog is not spayed before the reproductive cycle than she will go into heat. There are some vital signs which occurs while the heat cycle starts to know is your dog is really in heat. Below are a few points to find out.
  1. The vulva will be swallow than the normal
  2. It starts dog bleeds or bloody vaginal discharge
  3. She may become more clingy to you and seek your attention
  4. She may give more affectionate to male dogs
  5. She may Urinate often
  6. Licking of the private part
If any of these symptoms exhibit by your female pooch, so there is a concern of the estrus cycle started in your dog, and you have to take care of her during this period.

How to care your dog in the course of a female dog heat cycle?

how long does a dog stay in heat, female dog in heat

While your female dog in heat, it is crucial to give lots of extra affectionate and attentive. One of the main points to note is to keep the male dogs away. If you want to avoid pregnancy, its essential to away your female dog to the male dogs and don't leave your female dog alone in the backyard and walking area.

Pay attention to the energy level of a dog. This medium is usual in heat because many female dogs are less active during their reproductive period. You can continue the exercise and walk with your dog but for a shorter period in these 2 to 4 weeks.

During the dog heat cycle, she faces dog bleeds or bloody vaginal discharge. So, it's essential to keep groomed and pay attention to her fur surround by private parts that the bloody discharge shouldn't dry her fur.

If possible, bring some doggie diapers. It helps female dogs to stay clean and healthy and also the bloody discharge will not spread in your house floor.

How long do dogs stay in heat? - Final Words

"how long does a dog stay in heat" As you know this query, we considered a four estrus cycle stages to clear the female dog in heat.

When small female dogs are about six months, they start with their first reproductive cycle, which is also called an "estrus cycle" it starts occurring once in a six month. This medium depends typically on a variety of other factors such as the breed of dogs and sizes.

A female dog in heat for the last 2 to 4 weeks.

The female dog does not take an interest in receptive to a male of the early phase of a cycle, but after this stage passes, she enters into estrus stage in which female dog produces some hormones which highly attractive to male dogs for mating.

On next stage, she might get pregnant, so it's advisable once do the check-up by a veterinarian. If you intend to prevent breeding, it is recommended to spay your female dog before the heat cycle starts. Spaying to dogs not only maintain the population but it also increases their lifespan and prevents tumour, breast and cancer diseases.

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